4 best movies about Black love on Netflix to watch in honor of Black History Month

The Perfect Find. (L to R) Keith Powers as Eric and Gabrielle Union as Jenna in The Perfect Find. Cr. Alyssa Longchamp/Netflix © 2023
The Perfect Find. (L to R) Keith Powers as Eric and Gabrielle Union as Jenna in The Perfect Find. Cr. Alyssa Longchamp/Netflix © 2023 /

Hip hip hooray! It's officially Black History Month, and we couldn't be more excited here at Netflix Life. It's a time to commemorate all the achievements and history of African Americans. Of course, one of the best ways to learn more about the fullness of African American history is by watching the various documentaries that have been released over the years.

However, another good way to spend the month is by watching movies that revolve around Black love. And guess what? Netflix has a great selection of these types of films already streaming on its platform.

Although there definitely could be more, we've skimmed through Netflix's romance section and created a list of only the best movies about Black love on the platform to share below. It's only right that we start off with the romantic comedy, The Perfect Find.

The Perfect Find
The Perfect Find. (L to R) Gabrielle Union as Jenna and Keith Powers as Eric in The Perfect Find. Cr. Alyssa Longchamp/Netflix © 2023 /

The Perfect Find

Gabrielle Union made her Netflix debut with this rom-com and I absolutely loved it. She plays a forty-year-old fashion editor named Jenna Jones, who after a high-profile firing, works to resurrect her fashion career. She goes to work for her former rival Darcy Hill at her fashion company, but she soon finds her life turned upside down when she ends up falling for her charming, much younger co-worker, Eric. And to make things even more complicated, Eric is her new boss's son.

Keith Powers, who is known for starring in The New Edition Story, plays the role of Eric, while Suits star Gina Torres plays Darcy. Joining them in the cast are Alani "La La" Anthony, Aisha Hinds, Janet Hubert, Shayna McHale, DB Woodside, and others.

Resort to Love
Resort to Love. Christina Milian as Erica Wilson, Sinqua Walls as Caleb King in Resort to Love. Cr. David Bloomer/ NETFLIX © 2020 /

Resort to Love

Resort to Love is another good movie centering around Black love that we recommend checking out on Netflix. It stars singer and actress Christina Milian as an aspiring singer named Erica, who after experiencing a broken-off engagement and career meltdown, decides to take a singing gig at a tropical resort.

But she's thrown for a loop when she arrives at the resort to find out that the gig is for her ex-fiancé’s wedding. Although she tries to keep their past relationship a secret from everyone, she finds herself catching feelings again. Things become even more complicated when she starts developing feelings for her ex-fiancé's younger brother. Jay Pharoah portrays Erica's ex-fiancé, while Sinqua Walls plays Erica's ex-fiancé's brother.

Spike Lee
New York Yankees v Atlanta Braves / Kevin D. Liles/Atlanta Braves/GettyImages

She's Gotta Have It

A classic romance movie from the '80s that is definitely the type of film to go back and rewatch would have to be She's Gotta Have It. Written, directed, and produced by Spike Lee, She's Gotta Have It follows a young woman named Nola Darling who has a hard time figuring out who she wants to be with out of three men. So, she decides to date all three suitors. There's the romantic and polite guy Jamie Overstreet, the flashy yet self-obsessed model Greer Childs, and the immature, fast-riding bicyclist Mars Blackmon.

Tracy Camilla Johns plays the role of Nola Darling. Also in the cast are, Lee (Mars), Tommy Redmond Hicks (Jamie), John Canada Terrell (Greer), and many others.

After you finish watching She's Gotta Have It, we recommend watching the Netflix series of the same name starring DeWanda Wise as Nola Darling. It's based on the 1986 film.

The Holiday Calendar Image Courtesy Netflix /

The Holiday Calendar

Last but not least is the romantic drama film The Holiday Calendar. It's a heartfelt, feel-good movie starring The Vampire Diaries' Kat Graham and Star's Quincy Brown. Although it has its cheesy moments and is quite predictable, it still tells a sweet Christmas love story.

Here's the official synopsis via Netflix Media Center:

"A struggling but talented photographer inherits an antique holiday advent calendar, the contents of which seem to predict the future. Will this magical calendar lead her to love this holiday season?"

The rest of the cast is made up Ethan Peck, Ron Cephas Jones, Genelle Williams, Kevin Hanchard, and others.

Will you be watching any of these movies on Netflix?

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