After Everything, Tessa and Hardin finally get their happily ever after

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After Everything has finally made its way to Netflix, and we still can't believe this is the end of Tessa and Hardin's love story. Over five movies, we've watched these two love birds through all their trials and tribulations, just hoping that they'd always make their way back to each other.

Well, if you landed on this article, we're here to tell you that this actually happens. Tessa and Hardin end up together in After Everything, and we couldn't ask for a better ending to an amazing film series.

Below, we get more into how everything wraps up for the lovely couple, so now is your chance to exit this article if you don't want to be spoiled.

Spoilers ahead from After Everything.

How does After Everything end?

What we've all been waiting for happens at the very end of the romantic drama. Once Hardin shows up to Landon and Nora's wedding, he sees Tessa and can't keep his eyes off her. He had just recently returned from Lisbon, where he and his former love interest, Natalie, patched things up and decided to remain friends. He's now in a better place in his life and feels inspired to write again. He also feels like he's now ready to win Tessa back if she'd let him.

At the wedding, Tessa can't keep her eyes off Hardin as well, meaning romantic feelings are still there on both sides. They share a dance after the wedding ceremony, and Hardin gets the opportunity to apologize to Tessa for not telling her that he had written a book about their entire relationship and got it published. Tessa accepts Hardin's apology and then tells him how proud she is of him. But their dance gets cut short when Karen announces that everyone needs to take a seat because toasts are about to start.

While giving his best man speech, Hardin basically mentions how lucky Landon and Nora are to be able to be together with their soulmate for the rest of their lives. This hits home for Tessa, and she runs off. Hardin chases after her, and they have an intense conversation before the tension reaches an all-time high, and they end up sleeping together.

After they finish hooking up, Tessa apologizes to Hardin for pulling away after the book ordeal. Hardin then expresses to Tessa how much he loves her before he gets down on one knee and proposes. Tessa accepts his proposal and then they share a passionate kiss.

The movie then flashes forward to some time in the future. Hardin walks up to his doorstep with his book "Later" in his hand while talking on the phone. He walks through the door, and a little girl runs up to him. The little girl is his daughter. He picks her up and then walks over to a pregnant Tessa. He kisses her belly and then kisses her. That's how Tessa and Hardin's love story wraps up—happily married with a daughter and a baby on the way.

Were you happy with the way After Everything ended?

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