Best Stand-up Comedy Specials on Netflix (2020)

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Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed
Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed /

20. Jim Gaffigan: Obsessed

Gotta love Jim Gaffigan and his family-friendly routine that features plenty of material about his wife and five children and his favorite obsession, food!

Let’s be honest, it’s something many of us obsess about in our daily lives and that includes Gaffigan who jokes about eating an entire pint of ice cream in one sitting because he’s an American and not a quitter. He frames it like he’s doing the environment a favor by not wasting the energy needed to refreeze the delicious creamy treat.

The downside to all the eating is the exercise needed to counteract all the calories packed on through binge-eating, but he’s not into all that, even if it means he dies early and has to miss his daughter’s weddings. He jokes about weddings being a day for the bride to be treated like a princess and how they take a vacation immediately after and call it a honeymoon.

Naturally, Gaffigan’s five kids are a bit part of his set in Obsessed and how he reacts angrily when strangers tell him that’s a lot of kids. He equated that to walking up to a person in a wheelchair and telling them they must not be dancing too much.

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