Best Stand-up Comedy Specials on Netflix (2020)

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Katt Williams
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21. Katt Williams: Great America

Katt Williams is back and better than ever in his first Netflix special. Released on Jan. 16, 2018, Williams performs his set from the Florida Theater in Jacksonville in front of a sold-out audience that hung on every word from the King of Underground Comedy.

It’s been a while since many fans have seen Williams back on the stand-up stage after he looked like he was going to be the biggest thing in comedy about a decade ago. After some off-the-stage moments, he’d like to forget that got him locked up in prison — which he jokes about in his special — Williams is back and in a time when the world needs his humor.

The special paid tribute to the people and the town of Jacksonville before transitioning into some political dialogue, particularly the sitting president and Williams didn’t pull any punches. Of course, he had to tell it like it is as only he can, and while it was political in nature, it didn’t beat the audience over the head with politics. It was just the right amount.

The end of the set had me crying when he talked about the inner monologue that goes on inside a man’s head after taking viagra. It was quite the trip.

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