Best Stand-up Comedy Specials on Netflix (2020)

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Credit: Gary Gulman: It's About Time
Credit: Gary Gulman: It’s About Time – Netflix /

39. Gary Gulman: It’s About Time

Gary Gulman is one of the more underrated stand-up comedians working today. Thankfully, we can give him some shine in this article about the best stand-up comedy on Netflix.

His newest stand-up special It’s About Time was added to Netflix on May 1 and it’s about time you add this to your list and enjoy his quips on shopping at Trader Joe’s, observations about technology, his extreme laziness (we can all relate, right?) and Hitler.

I lost it immediately when he joked about his experience buying The Shawshank Redemption on iTunes because he was too lazy to get up and put the DVD in the DVD player. It may be something I may or may not have done previously in my life, so I can appreciate extreme laziness.

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