Best Stand-up Comedy Specials on Netflix (2020)

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Tom Segura
Credit: Tom Segura: Disgracefull- Troy Conrad / Netflix /

40. Tom Segura  Disgraceful

Tom Segura’s newest special helped kick-off the laughs on Netflix in 2018 with Disgraceful. This marks his second Netflix special after last year’s Mostly Stories and third overall on Netflix, joining Completely Normal, all three are now ranked on our list of the best stand-up.

Perhaps after a few more repeat viewings, which are coming soon, the special will move up a few rungs on the list. Don’t be dismayed by the No. 40 rank, because it’s hilarious and I loved every second of it. It’s just a testament to the growing number of great specials housed on Netflix now.

Segura gets a little philosophical in this one when he says physical flaws are funny, disabilities are not, but some are. For example, someone who experiences brain trauma isn’t funny, but someone who wakes up from the injury speaking their native language in a foreign language is.

I also had to chuckle at how real it is when he jokes about the ways fast food restaurants will shame their customers when they’re just trying to get some grub. It was funny because it’s true and make me feel a little shame, but it doesn’t matter, this is Disgraceful and the truth is coming out.

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