Mask Girl confirmed to be a limited series, no season 2 in the works

Mask Girl NANA as Kim Mo-Mi in Mask Girl Cr. Jun Hea-sun/Netflix © 2023
Mask Girl NANA as Kim Mo-Mi in Mask Girl Cr. Jun Hea-sun/Netflix © 2023 /

Netflix’s buzzy mystery series Mask Girl, based on the webtoon of the same name released on August 18 and was quickly viewed by millions of Netflix subscribers. Despite the finale wrapping up all of the main storylines, many fans would like to see Mask Girl season 2 happen. Has Netflix formally renewed the show? Well, no, and now it sounds like the streamer never planned to as it has been labeled as a “limited series.”

Mask Girl follows a seemingly ordinary office worker named Kim Mo-mi. Alienated for her looks from a young age, Mo-mi has developed serious insecurities regarding her appearance. To cope, she takes refuge behind a carefully crafted mask-wearing online persona fittingly named “Mask Girl.”

The show follows Mo-mi through several periods of her life, beginning with the height of Mask Girl’s popularity to the dangerous path Mo-mi walks as a direct result of her persona’s actions.

The series boasts an excellent cast with three talented actresses sharing the role of adult Mo-mi, including Lee Han Byul, former After School member Nana, and Reflection of You star Go Hyun Jung. The Glory breakout Yeom Hye Ran also stars.

Is Mask Girl season 2 in the works? Here’s everything we know about the show’s potential future so far.

Mask Girl season 2 renewal status

UPDATE as of Dec. 12, 2023: Netflix has labeled Mask Girl a “limited series,” meaning it will not continue for an additional season.

However, it seems unlikely that the show will continue because it ends by wrapping up all of its significant storylines.

If the show were to get renewed (SPOILERS!), season 2 could follow Kim Mo-mi’s daughter, Mi-mo, but since most of the other main characters are dead, a potential second season would probably need to feature a new story rather than a direct continuation.

I think Mask Girl works perfectly as a limited series and doesn’t need additional episodes, but stay tuned to Netflix Life for updates and information regarding Mask Girl and other K-dramas on Netflix!

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