My Life With the Walter Boys season 2 rumored to start filming in July 2024

My Life with the Walter Boys. Nikki Rodriguez as Jackie in episode 109 of My Life with the Walter Boys. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix/© 2023 Netflix, Inc.
My Life with the Walter Boys. Nikki Rodriguez as Jackie in episode 109 of My Life with the Walter Boys. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix/© 2023 Netflix, Inc. /

Get ready to jump for joy and scream to the top of your lungs because My Life With the Walter Boys has been officially renewed for a second season at Netflix! The streaming giant announced this wonderful news on Dec. 19, only 12 days after the first season dropped. We were sort of surprised by the early renewal because Netflix doesn’t typically renew its new shows so soon after they premiere.

But as soon as My Life With the Walter Boys premiered, the show continued to rank highly on Netflix's top 10 TV shows list. In fact, it was the No. 1 show on the Global English Top 10 TV List for two weeks, had reached the Top 10 in 88 countries, and had accumulated 20.3 million views in just two weeks of being on Netflix. In addition, the teen series had even gone viral on TikTok. So, a season 2 renewal was pretty much a given.

Here's what series creator Melanie Halsall had to say about the renewal via Netflix:

"I am beyond thrilled that My Life with the Walter Boys has been renewed for a second season. We have been overwhelmed by the love and support that the audience has given the show and can’t wait to dive back into the world of Silver Falls and the lives of these characters."

Executive producer Ed Glauser also had something to say about the show being renewed:

"The saying It takes a village couldn’t be more true as it pertains to the success of My Life with the Walter Boys. From Ali Novak's original novel, brilliantly adapted by Melanie Halsall, to our wonderful cast who brought her characters to life, and Netflix’s steadfast commitment, we’re thrilled to continue Jackie’s journey with season two."

Netflix also released a 1:13 video on X of Nikki Rodriguez (Jackie), Noah LaLonde (Cole), and Ashby Gentry (Alex) finding out about the season 2 renewal from Halsall. We can't wait to see them return in their respective roles.

Now, we're hearing that production on the second season could be starting this July. More on this below!

Spoilers ahead from My Life With the Walter Boys season 1. 

My Life With the Walter Boys season 2
My Life with the Walter Boys. (L to R) Nikki Rodriguez as Jackie and Noah LaLonde as Cole in episode 109 of My Life with the Walter Boys. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix/© 2023 Netflix, Inc. /

Production on My Life With the Walter Boys season 2 rumored to begin in July 2024

So, we previously reported that production on the second season was rumored to start in mid-May 2024 and continue through to October. We had learned of this news from the news outlet What's on Netflix. However, it looks like production has been pushed back. The news outlet now reports that filming will start on July 22, 2024, and wrap up on Nov. 15, 2024. Additionally, production will take place once again in Alberta, Canada. However, it's important to mention that these production details have not been confirmed by Netflix or anyone on the show's creative team, so it's just a rumor for now.

But if this actually ends up being the production schedule, this means we won't be seeing the second season in 2024 at all. As soon as the cameras stop rolling on the second season, the new episodes will then move over to post-production where they'll be edited to perfection. This can be a lengthy process. The episodes won't finish being edited in time to make a 2024 release. We would most likely be seeing My Life With the Walter Boys season 2 in early or mid-2025.

We'll get back to you with more production details once they're known.

What is My Life With the Walter Boys about?

The teen series opens with 15-year-old Jackie Howard, who after discovering that her parents and older sister died in a car accident, is forced to move cross-country to the small town of Silver Falls in Colorado, to live with her new guardian Katherine Walter and her family.

Jackie is still grappling with the death of her family and is now determined more than ever to get accepted into her dream college, Princeton. But although she tries her best to keep her head down and focus on her studies while in Silver Falls, she soon finds her focus tested when she becomes entangled in a love triangle between two brothers. Those two brothers are Alex and Cole Walter, Jackie’s new guardian’s kids.

How does My Life With the Walter Boys season 1 end?

Here’s everything that happened in the My Life With the Walter Boys season 1 finale:

  • Will and Hayley get married on the family ranch.
  • Cole decides to take his education seriously and tells Nikhil aka Mr. C that he’ll attend summer school.
  • Cole apologizes to Erin for how he has been treating her, and they finally end things for good.
  • Will talks to Richard about a business venture. He hopes that Richard will help him financially with his idea. Basically, Will wants to use some of his family’s land as a vacation spot for people. His idea is to put up yurts for guests to stay in on the land and have fun things for them to do. Some of the fun activities would be group cookouts, dark sky tours, cider making, and guided horse trails.
  • Tara and Richard bond at the wedding, hinting that something may eventually happen between the two.
  • Alex tells Jackie that he loves her but she doesn’t say it back. This leads to Alex getting drunk.
  • A drunk Alex and Kiley almost kiss, but Alex ruins the moment when he basically friendzones her.
  • Nikhil surprises Tara in her yurt after Will and Hayley’s wedding and tells her that he didn’t take the new job in London and will instead stay in Silver Falls with her. But Tara doesn’t seem too thrilled. Could this have something to do with her newfound attraction to Richard?
  • Hayley receives a mysterious text from a person named Morgan and lies to Will about who texted her.
  • Jackie finds her old teapot in Danny and Cole’s room and realizes that Cole has fixed it. She confronts Cole about it in the barn, and they end up having their first kiss. The kiss ends up turning into a steamy makeout session.
  • The morning after Will and Hayley’s wedding, Alex searches for Jackie in the house and finds her fixed teapot and a note she left him on her bed. The note reads, “I’m sorry.” Alex puts two and two together and realizes that Cole is the one who fixed the pot. He goes to Cole’s room and asks him what he did to Jackie. Cole looks at him with a nervous look.
  • Jackie decides to get on the plane with Richard and Danny to go to New York.

What could My Life With the Walter Boys season 2 be about?

We first need to see Jackie make her way back to Colorado. Obviously, this would most likely happen because that’s where the show is mainly set. Could there be a small time jump? Yes. It looks like Jackie will be spending the summer with her uncle in New York, but once the summer break is over, she’ll have to go back to Silver Falls and face the music. Will she confess to Alex that she kissed Cole, or will she keep it a secret? Will she and Cole continue to mess around behind Alex’s back?

And what about Alex and Cole? They were finally on good terms, but after Alex found the fixed teapot, things didn’t look too great. Will Cole tell Alex that he likes Jackie? Will he tell him that he kissed her before the summer break? This is something we need to find out.

Who is Morgan? Hayley received a text message from a person named Morgan in the season 1 finale, and she didn’t look too happy about the message. She even lied to her husband about who really texted her. Could this Morgan person have anything to do with the competitive lecture that Hayley wanted to join at her graduate school? Remember, she never told Will about it.

What about Erin and Danny? Anybody can see that something is brewing between them. Will they eventually get together? And we can’t forget about Alex and Kiley. Will Kiley finally move on from Alex after he basically rejected her? Also, what will Katherine and George decide to do with the ranch? Will Richard back Will on his business venture? This could bring business to the ranch, which would mean that Katherine and George wouldn’t have to sell it.

There’s so much that can be explored in season 2. Once plot details are revealed, we'll be sure to share them right away.


There isn’t an official season 2 cast list just yet. However, we have an idea of who could possibly return in a second season.

Obviously, all the actors playing the characters involved in the love triangle will likely return. That means Nikki Rodriguez (Jackie), Noah LaLonde (Cole), and Ashby Gentry (Alex) would come back for the second season. Honestly, all of the season 1 cast would likely return for the second installment.

Here’s who we expect to see come back for My Life With the Walter Boys season 2:

  • Nikki Rodriguez as Jackie Howard
  • Ashby Gentry as Alex Walter
  • Noah LaLonde as Cole Walter
  • Sarah Rafferty as Katherine Walter
  • Marc Blucas as George Walter
  • Corey Fogelmanis as Nathan Walter
  • Jaylan Evans as Skylar Summerhill
  • Connor Stanhope as Danny Walter
  • Zoë Soul as Hayley Young
  • Johnny Link as Will Walter
  • Alisha Newton as Erin
  • Ashley Holliday as Tara
  • Moheb Jindran as Nikhil
  • Mya Lowe as Kiley
  • Gabrielle Jacinto as Olivia
  • Ellie O’Brien as Grace
  • Dean Petriw as Jordan Walter
  • Lennix James as Benny Walter
  • Alix West Lefler as Parker Walter

There would probably be new cast additions as well, and we'll make sure to provide their names as they are announced.

A new My Life with the Walter Boys book is coming in 2025

On June 29, New York Times bestselling author Ali Novak announced via Instagram that a sequel to My Life with the Walter Boys is in the works. It's titled My Return to the Walter Boys, and it's slated to be released on April 15, 2025. The story will pick up where Jackie's story left off in the first book. After spending her summer in New York, Jackie returns to Colorado to be reunited with the Walters. But once she arrives, she quickly realizes that a lot of things have changed, including her relationship with Cole.

Will this new book impact My Life With the Walter Boys season 2? No. According to Novak, none of the content from the sequel will be used in the upcoming second season of the Netflix series. She tells in an interview that fans can think of the show and the books as "separate entities." However, she doesn't dismiss the idea of the show using some of her work from the sequel in a later season.

"If the show continues to be a success, maybe they will look at the sequel that I wrote and take some of that content, but at this time, they’re two separate entities."

Ali Novak

Stay tuned to Netflix Life for more news and coverage on My Life With the Walter Boys season 2!

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