Sweet Home season 3 confirmed for a summer 2024 release: Here’s everything we know

Sweet Home S2 Ko Min-si as Lee Eun-yu in Sweet Home S2 Cr. kim Jeong Won/Netflix © 2023
Sweet Home S2 Ko Min-si as Lee Eun-yu in Sweet Home S2 Cr. kim Jeong Won/Netflix © 2023 /

There’s no denying that Sweet Home is one of the best Korean shows streaming on Netflix. After a painfully long wait, the highly anticipated second season was finally released on the streaming platform on Dec. 1. Of course, it didn’t take long for fans to watch the shortened eight-episode season, and now they’re wondering about a third installment.

Well, we have great news to share! Netflix has already confirmed Sweet Home season 3. The renewal announcement came back in June 2022. Netflix had renewed the hit fantasy horror series for not only a second season but a third season as well.

We also have even more good news to share. Now, we don’t have the official release date for Sweet Home season 3 just yet, which makes sense since the second season was just recently released. But we do know that the third season has been confirmed to be coming to Netflix in summer 2024. This juicy release information was revealed during the season 2 finale credits.

We’ll continue to update this space as more information comes out about the upcoming season. But for now, here’s everything we know so far about Sweet Home season 3.

Spoilers ahead from Sweet Home season 2. 

Production on Sweet Home season 3 has wrapped

The cast and crew shot seasons 2 and 3 back to back with season 1 director Lee Eung-bok signed on to direct both seasons. According to Sweet Home cast member Go Min-si, who plays Eun-yoo, it took over a year to film both seasons 2 and 3. She commemorated wrap day by sharing a trio of pictures on her Instagram on March 10, 2023. So, it looks like the cameras stopped rolling on the third season in March 2023.


Unfortunately, the season 3 cast list has not been revealed yet. However, we have an idea of who could return based on how things ended in the second season. Obviously, Song Kang (Hyun-soo) will be returning since he plays the main character. Lee Jin-wook (Sang-wook/Ui-myeong/Sang-won) and Go Min-si (Eun-yoo) will likely return as well since they survive the second season.

Kim Hee-jung (Cha Jin-ok), Choi Go (Kim Yeong-soo), Yu Oh-seong (Sergeant Tak), Oh Jung-se (Dr. Lim), Jung Jin-young (Park Chan-young), Kim Shin-rok (Chief Ji), Yoon Se-ah (Seon-hwa), Yang Hye-ji (Ye-seul), Kim Si-a (Seo Yi-kyung’s child), Hyun Bong-sik (Ho-sang), and Chae Won-bin (Hani) also survived the second season so they’ll probably be back too.

Kim Mu-yeol’s character, Sergeant Kim, fate is left up in the air at the end of season 2, so it’s unclear if he’ll return. However, Lee Do-hyun will likely return as Lee Eun-hyuk in season 3 since he’s revealed to still be alive at the end of season 2.

As we find out more cast information, we’ll be sure to share it here.

Sweet Home season 2 ending

Here are some important things that happen in the Sweet Home season 2 finale:

  • We find out that Chief Ji has been harboring a monster in the underground of the stadium. She sacrifices Kang Seung-wan by throwing him down with the monster. Since Seung-wan was already showing signs of turning into a monster, Chief Ji thought he’d be the perfect person. While it’s unclear who the monster is, it’s believed to be Chief Ji’s late husband, who had attacked Eun-yoo.
  • We find out that Sergeant Tak is showing signs of turning into a monster.
  • Back at the abandoned Bamseom Emergency Management Bureau, Sergeant Kim and Seok-chan search for their missing comrade Yong-seok. They do eventually find him, but he reveals some bad news about what’s going on at the place. He tells Seok-chan that “they” have no intention on letting all the people at the place go. Sergeant Kim finds out who “they” are when the little girl leads him to a mysterious man. This is the same mysterious man who locked up some more soldiers in a lab room in the building. Both of those soldiers lost their lives to monsters. We find out that a mysterious man is holding innocent people hostage to conduct experiments on them and turn them into monsters. The little girl is revealed to be a special infectee.
  • As Seo Yi-kyung barely hangs on to life since she has carbon monoxide poisoning, Hyun-soo goes to get her daughter so that she be there for her when she passes away. However, the young girl ends up turning Yi-kyung into a monster instead with her special ability. This leads to a showdown between Hyun-soo and Yi-kyung that ends in Yi-kyung’s death. According to Hyun-soo, every human that has been transformed into a monster gets to live in a “happy place” while their monster takes control over them. Unfortunately for Yi-kyung, this didn’t happen. With his special ability, Hyun-soo was able to see that Yi-kyung was suffering as a human and monster, so he made the tough decision to kill her.
  • All of Hyun-soo’s energy is depleted after he kills Yi-kyung and he’s seriously injured, so he loses consciousness and his monster takes over. And it doesn’t look like he’s willing to let Hyun-soo take back over his body.
  • If you recall, Ui-myeong had taken over Sang-wook’s body in the season 1 finale. Well, it’s revealed in the season 2 finale that Ui-myeong is actually Sang-won, Yi-kyung’s fiancé. In fact, Sang-won has been Ui-myeong the entire time. Here’s how everything happened. We find out in season 1 that Sang-won had volunteered to be a test subject but once he realized that he was being treated like a lab rat, he decided to kill the doctors, take over one of their bodies, and escape So, he took over Ui-myeong’s body which was one of the doctors experimenting on him. That’s how he became Ui-myeong. Now, he’s in the body of Sang-wook. He reveals this information to Dr. Lim in the season 2 finale.
  • We find out that Eun-hyuk is alive, but now he’s a some kind of special monster. In the last scene of the season, we’re taken back to the Green Home Apartments where monsters are roaming. A big monster cocoon is shown and a seemingly monsterfied Eun-hyuk drops from it onto the ground. He walks up to the camera and gives a sinister smile.

With how season 2 ended, there’s so many ways Sweet Home season 3 could go. Once we find out the official synopsis for the third season, we’ll make sure to share it right away.

When could Sweet Home season 3 come to Netflix?

Since Sweet Home season 3 is confirmed to be coming to Netflix in the summer of 2024, that means we could see the new season somewhere between June 20, 2024, and Sept. 22, 2024.

Obviously, we’d want to see the third season sooner rather than later. So, we’re hoping for a June or July release. However, there’s a chance we might not see season 3 until September 2024 since previous seasons have come out towards the end of the year. Netflix might want to keep up with this release pattern. We’ll let you know the official release date once it’s announced.

Stay tuned to Netflix Life for more news and coverage on Sweet Home season 3!

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