Does Jack die in Heartland season 16? (spoilers)

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Although not a Netflix original, Heartland is hands down one of the best family dramas currently streaming on the platform. Seasons 1-15 are available to stream now, with Heartland season 16 expected to be added at a later date (predicted release of early to mid-2024).

Even though the sixteenth season isn’t streaming on Netflix just yet, some people have already watched it. How? Well, Heartland season 16 is currently available to stream in full on the UP Faith & Family streaming service. The streamer has exclusive rights to the sixteenth season until 2024.

Since some people have already watched Heartland season 16, we’re starting to see tons of questions about it all over the internet. One question in particular revolves around one of the main characters, Jack Bartlett (Shaun Johnston). People want to know if he died in the season. Like these viewers, we couldn’t wait until the sixteenth season made its way to Netflix. So, we watched it early. This means we know whether or not Jack dies. So, if you don’t want to be spoiled, I suggest you take your exit now because we’re about to share Jack’s fate this season right now.

Spoilers from Heartland season 16 ahead!

Heartland season 16
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Jack does not die in Heartland season 16, but he does get badly injured

Everything happens in Heartland season 16 episode 10 titled “Lurking in the Shadows.” This is also the sixteenth season’s midseason finale.  At Tim and Caleb’s rodeo showcase to promote their rodeo school, Tim decides to ride a bronco, but something goes terribly wrong when he tries to get on the horse. Jack was standing next to Tim to assist him.

As Tim tries to get on the horse, the horse starts bucking wildly. Jack immediately helps Tim get off the horse, but in the process, he falls backward and into the chute. The horse continues to buck wildly and stomps on Jack multiple times, leaving him seriously injured.

Jack is sent to the hospital immediately by ambulance. Sam ends up finding a bag of rocks in the chute, which is why the horse was spooked. Everyone then realizes that someone must have put the bag under the horse’s saddle on purpose to sabotage Tim. The culprit is revealed to be Mike McLusky, an old friend of Tim’s who still holds a grudge. We don’t find out Jack’s fate until the next episode.

In episode 11, we find out that Jack is alive and coming home from the hospital early even though he broke eight ribs from the horse attack. Once Jack arrives at the Heartland Ranch, he makes it clear to everyone that he doesn’t want to be treated like a baby. Throughout the rest of the episode, we Jack continue to recover from his injuries.

So, there you have it! Jack does not die in Heartland season 16.

Stay tuned to Netflix Life because we’ll be sharing the Heartland season 16 Netflix release date once it’s announced.

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