Sweet Home season 1 recap: Here’s some key things to remember before season 2

Sweet Home S2 (L to R) Song Kang as Cha Hyun-su, Lee Jin-uk as Pyeon Sang-wook in Sweet Home S2 Cr. kim Jeong Won/Netflix © 2023
Sweet Home S2 (L to R) Song Kang as Cha Hyun-su, Lee Jin-uk as Pyeon Sang-wook in Sweet Home S2 Cr. kim Jeong Won/Netflix © 2023 /

The wait is almost over, Sweet Home fans. The highly anticipated second season is set to be released on Netflix on Dec. 1, and we thought we’d share some important details from the first season to prepare you for the new season.

It’s been almost three years since Sweet Home season 1 premiered, so you probably don’t remember everything that happened. That’s why you have us at Netflix Life to help you out.

Below, we explained how the first season ended and shared some key things to remember about the show. That way, when the second season drops, you’ll be ready to dive right into the new episodes without there being any confusion.

What happened in Sweet Home season 1?

After his entire family tragically dies in a car accident, 19-year-old Cha Hyun-soo moves into a rundown apartment complex called Green Home Apartments. But soon after his arrival, humans start to transform into savage creatures causing him and his new neighbors to come together to fight for survival. And monsters aren’t just roaming the apartments, but everywhere in South Korea.

Hyun-soo soon realizes that he’s turning into a monster when his nose starts bleeding, a symptom of monsterization. The other Green Home residents eventually discover this as well. Eun-hyuk, the leader of the survivors, makes the decision to lock Hyun-soo away somewhere in the apartment complex and use him at times to find food, water, and various other items throughout the apartments.

As the season goes on, many different monsters are shown. Also, more residents are turned into monsters, and many lose their lives at the hands of a monster.

Here’s a list of some of the main character deaths in the first season:

  •  Jung Jae-heon
  • Park Yoo-ri
  • Ahn Gil-seob
  • Han Du-sik
  • Kim Suk-hyun
  • Im Myung-sook (presumed dead)
  • Ahn Sun-young

Eun-hyuk’s fate is left up in the air at the end of season 1 when he decides to stay in the collapsing Green Home apartment complex while the rest of the survivors escape. We find out that he’s turning into a monster. We’ll probably find out if he’s still alive or not in season 2.

How does the first season end?

The first season ends with Hyun-soo being driven away in a military truck by a possessed Sang-wook. Ui-Myeong, a liquid-like monster (special infectee), took over Sang-wook’s body. Elsewhere, the other Green Home survivors (Eun-yoo, Ji-soo, Cha Jin-ok, Soo-yeong, Yeong-soo, Hye-in, etc.) are taken away on a military truck to a “safety camp.” Seo Yi-kyung doesn’t get on the truck because she makes a new deal with the military and joins them. She’s still determined to find her fiancé.

Here’s more you need to remember about the first season to be prepared for Sweet Home season 2. 

  • Humans become monsters once they give in to their deepest desires. However, they can delay complete transformation if they’re strong-willed enough and resist. They are called special infectees if they’re able to delay transformation.
  • Monsterization is not a disease or a virus, but a curse. Some of the symptoms are nosebleeds, hallucinations, and fainting spells.
  • Monsters are very sensitive to sound.
  • When a human completely transforms into a monster, they have very good resilience and regenerative abilities.
  • The Golden Hour is a short time period in which a half-human/half-monster is the most vulnerable. It’s the perfect time to kill an infectee because they cannot survive a fatal wound.
  • Not all monsters in Sweet Home are bad. In fact, some can be helpful. We saw this with the infant monster and the slime monster. The infant monster (who was initially Im Myung-sook) did not harm anyone, while the slime monster helped Yeong-soo escape.
  • The best way to kill a monster is by incineration.
  • The military aren’t necessarily good people. They’ve come up with a plan called Operation Golden Hour, which would basically be their last-ditch effort to save humanity. They would wipe out as many areas as possible if they can’t distinguish between humans and monsters.
  • The military has been conducting experiments on special infectees to try to remove the “curse” from their bodies and find a cure, but nothing has worked so far.

Get ready because Sweet Home season 2 arrives on Netflix on Dec. 1!

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