The best new Netflix show from every year since 2013

Squid Games: The Challenge. Episode 101 of Squid Games: The Challenge. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Squid Games: The Challenge. Episode 101 of Squid Games: The Challenge. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /
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The Haunting of Hill House – Steve Dietl/Netflix /

The Haunting of Hill House (2018)

Every Halloween season, we see it best to revisiThe Haunting of Hill House so that we can be scared out of minds, while also being captivated by the interesting family dynamics of this title. But even when it’s not spooky season, there’s never a bad time to rewatch every episode of this show from start to finish because it’s just that good!

Some of our favorite moments of this show include some that were some what horrific, such as the reveal of the Broken Neck Lady or the reason why Theodora wears gloves. Other moments are, of course, less frightening, like the heartfelt moments had between the twins, Nellie and Luke, or when the family was at peace, even if it was short-lived. Even so, every moment we’ve witnessed added on to the overall legendary status this show has managed to keep years later.

The second installment of this show, The Haunting of Bly Manor, was equally impressive, despite this series being more of a love story than a scary story. We could only imagine how amazing the third installment would be if Netflix ever gave it the greenlight. (Fingers crossed that it arrives soon!)

Honorable Mentions: On My Block, Queer Eye, and Nailed It!

Sex Education (2019)

We would’ve called you crazy if you told us a show about a teenage sex therapist giving advice to his fellow clueless sex-crazed peers was going to be one of the most popular Netflix shows. Yet, here we are, forever transformed by a 2019 show that dared to push the envelope and go beyond what we all thought we knew about sex and relationships.

Sex Education season 5
Sex Education Season 4. Ncuti Gatwa as Eric Effiong in Sex Education Season 4. Cr. Samuel Taylor/Netflix © 2022 – SexEd4_Day19_Ep403_ST-164.arw /

Sex Education was a breath of fresh air into the lives of viewers who had questions about their identity, but didn’t know who to ask or where to go. And even if the Netflix original series didn’t necessarily answer every burning inquiry we had, it started the conversation of why we don’t have more shows geared towards those who want to know more about their bodies and the bodies of others. Good thing that isn’t a problem now!

We truly believe the show had a pretty perfect ending, so there’s no need for it to return anytime soon. Nevertheless, we miss this series appearing on our screens and would do anything to have another installment or a spin-off of some sort. Say, something involving mental health? Or what about understanding gender more in depth? The possibilities are endless!

Honorable Mention: The SocietyLove, Death, and Robots, and I Think You Should Leave With Tim Robinson

Tiger King (2020)

2020 was one of the most traumatic years in human history due to a global pandemic, COVID-19, wrecking through each and every neighborhood. Amid the chaos, however, was Tiger King, a show that was so absurd that it served as a much-needed distraction.

Tiger King season 2 - Netflix documentaries
Tiger King – Credit: Netflix /

A man who loves wild animals enough to open his own mini zoo isn’t underhand of; a man who would go so far as to break multiple laws and regulations to have said wild animals (even if that led to one of his co-workers losing an arm) gave us whiplash. Joe Exotic is that man and, even though he’s behind bars, his legacy lives on in both Tiger King and the many great memes that still have us laughing until we cry.

Many are still begging for a Netflix show as crazy as this one. Sadly, we don’t think there are many that compare. Even still, if at any moment, Netflix decides to make more installments, we think viewers would definitely stream in great numbers to re-experience the fun that was this rollercoaster ride of a show.

Honorable MentionsBridgerton, Emily in ParisLove is Blind, and Outer Banks