Are Sex Education stars Aimee Lou Wood and George Robinson dating in real life?

Sex Education season 4
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It feels like it’s been a full lifetime since we were last in Moordale, following Sex Education’s long hiatus. But finally, on September 21, 2023, viewers were treated to the final season of the popular teen drama, created by Laurie Nunn.

Season 4, had plenty of highs and lows and unexpected twists and turns for our favorite sex-positive gang! We’ll try and keep the spoilers on the down low, but if you’ve yet to see the new season, and we highly suggest you do, then carry on reading at your own risk, for we might reveal some things about the new season you would have preferred to discover on your own.

However, if you’ve been spotting some headlines about Sex Education stars Aimee Lou Wood and George Robinson dating in real life, and curiosity is getting the better of you, join us as we reveal the truth behind these rumors, as well as, some insight into their relationship statuses below!

Are Sex Education stars Aimee Lou Wood and George Robinson dating in real life?

Hold your horses Sex Education fans as the talented duo portraying Aimee Gibbs and Isaac Goodwin in the series are not dating in real life! Although they undoubtedly have a good relationship given they’ve both starred on the same show for several years, there is no romantic relationship between them.

In fact, according to reports, Aimee Lou Wood has been single since 2021, following her split from her Sex Education co-star and scene partner Connor Swindells (who portrayed the school bully Adam Groff). George Robinson is also reportedly single and has been quoted as previously saying that he is focusing on his acting career at this time.

Of course, there is a possibility that both actors are dating someone in private and out of the limelight, however, until they make public statements, or make it Instagram official at the very least, we’re going to carry on with our initial report that they’re single, respectively.

Aimee Lou Wood and George Robinson dating rumors explained

Spoiler Alert! Some spoilers ahead for Sex Education season 4. Read at your own risk!

Sometimes, when actors have great chemistry on set, and/or become romantically involved on screen, many believe that this also translates to real life. In this case, this is the reason for the Aimee Lou Wood and George Robinson dating rumors.

In Sex Education season 4, Aimee Lou Wood’s character Aimee Gibbs, and George Robinson’s character Isaac Goodwin begin pursuing a romantic relationship, so of course, this got social media talking!

In the show, their relationship begins after a rocky start when they get trapped in a school elevator together on Aimee’s first day at Cavendish Sixth Form College. After Aimee apologizes to Isaac for her insensitive comments towards him, they start to bond, and Isaac introduces Aimee to different forms of art. Their relationship progresses throughout the season, and they ultimately end up together!

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