365 Days 4 rumors and everything that’s been said about a potential fourth film

The Next 365 Days. Cr. Netflix.
The Next 365 Days. Cr. Netflix. /

Over the years, Netflix has launched a number of successful movie franchises. Among the streaming service’s biggest international hits has been the 365 Days movies based on Blanka Lipinska’s successful book franchise.

No one could have predicted the success the first film would enjoy following its release on Netflix in early 2020. The movie became the most-watched Netflix original movie in 2020 and Netflix was quick to greenlight a pair of follow-up films inspired by the second and third book in the franchise.

Those two films would arrive on Netflix in 2022 and earned similar raving reviews from fans who couldn’t get enough of the franchise and its stunning leading man, who quickly stole audiences’ hearts.

Since the release of the third film in August 2022, audiences have been eager for more and it seems they’re not the only ones!

365 Days 4 has yet to been confirmed by Netflix

Netflix is notorious for developing projects under the radar, so there is a chance that Netflix could have had conversations with the creative team behind the franchise about a potential fourth movie. However, at this time, Netflix has not yet announced a fourth film in the 365 Days franchise which means it’s unclear whether a fourth film could be in development or even be being discussed by Netflix.

The films were based on a book trilogy and each of the first three movies followed the events of the books they were inspired by. This means that in order to do a fourth film, the creative team would have to come up with a story that is not based on sourced material directly. This could complicate the odds of a fourth movie happening, as the first three movies did tell a pretty complete story.

However, that doesn’t mean we’ve seen the last of this franchise or its characters.

365 Days: This Day – Cr. Netflix/Karolina Grabowska
365 Days: This Day – Cr. Netflix/Karolina Grabowska /

Everything that’s been teased about 365 Days 4

While Netflix has not announced plans for a fourth movie in the franchise, there have been some not-so-subtle teases from those close to the film about the possibility of another film happening. In fact,  the franchise’s leading man Michele Morrone has made it very clear he’d be open to revisiting the character of Massimo Torricelli.

Days after the release of The Next 365 Days on August 19, Morrone took to Instagram with a very cryptic Instagram post that seemed to suggest that there could be more to Massimo’s story!

“The end of something is always a little bit sad.. but.. who knows…,” Morrone teased fans hinting that this might not be a goodbye but rather a “until next time” moment. Surprisingly, he’s not teased anything else about a fourth film since that cryptic Instagram post, but fans continue to flock to the post to share their hopes of seeing more from the character.

In addition to Morrone teasing the possibility of a fourth film, 365 Days author Blanka Lipinska has also shared sentiments over not being ready to say goodbye to these characters — particularly Massimo.

Following the release of the third film, Lipinska revealed to TODAY that she was planning on revisiting the story but this time through the eyes of Massimo directly. As Lipinska revealed, she hopes to revisit “the story from the beginning. But this time from the perspective of Massimo.”

There have not been any updates on the progress of this project and whether Lipinska is actively developing a new book from Massimo’s perspective but this approach has worked well for other authors in the past such as how Stephenie Meyer used Midnight Sun to return to the Twilight series in revisiting the story but this time told through Edward’s POV.

Given the desire to revisit the story through Massimo’s perspective, there is a chance Netflix could be working with Lipinska to develop a fourth movie that could revisit the events from the first movie but this time through Massimo’s perspective. This could be an interesting approach to continuing the franchise fans love in a way that we haven’t seen before in the medium.

Netflix never billed 365 Days as the final film in the franchise

Adding an additional level of intrigue to the mystery of whether a fourth film might someday happen is the fact that Netflix was very coy in not promoting the third film in the franchise, The Next 365 Days, as the final film in the franchise.

Across the branding for the film including its official YouTube trailer and in official media from Netflix, the movie is never promoted as the final chapter in the series. Typically, when a franchise is coming to an official end, brands such as Netflix will highly promote the film or last season of the show as a final entry with its promotional efforts.

The fact that Netflix opted not to splash terms like “the final chapter” across its posters and when promoting the movie is intriguing. Instead, they simply billed the film as “the next installment” which seems to have left the door open for a potential return to the franchise.

The Next 365 Days, 365 Days 4
The Next 365 Days. Cr. Netflix. /

Fans really want 365 Days 4 to happen

If there is one thing that is true, it’s that fans really want to see 365 Days 4 become a reality! Since the release of the third film in the franchise, fans remain eager for additional information about a potential fourth film which had led to several viral posts on social media.

This summer, a series of Facebook posts went viral when Influencer pages posted about the potential fourth film announcing that “365 Days 4 was coming soon” via Netflix-inspired graphics. As What’s On Netflix noted, the nature of the Facebook posts was questionable in framing the rumors as reports across several pages including a Facebook page called “Netflix Daily Updates” which, ironically, What’s on Netflix purchased this fall after Netflix Life severed ties with the page and others due to the false framing of their Facebook reports.

Still, if there was anything the viral nature of the Facebook posts proved, it’s that fans really want to see a fourth film in the franchise!

“I just wish it never ends just keep them coming,” shared one fan eager for more from the hit franchise. “Get the wine, get the Aldi cheese board!” another excited fan excitedly told their friend when discussing the possibility of another film.

Most, though, just are eager for the potential of more Massimo with the running theme among fans on social media being best summed up by one fan, “I’m most exited to see Masimo again!”

Clearly there is an interest among Netflix fans for another film. Let’s just hope that Netflix takes note of the fans’ desire for more from the franchise and revisits the franchise via a fourth film!

As soon as news comes out about the fourth film, we’ll be sure to update you. In the meantime, you can enjoy the 365 Days trilogy on Netflix!

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