Purple Hearts 2: Everything we’ve heard about a possible sequel

Purple Hearts. (L to R) Sofia Carson as Cassie, Nicholas Galitzine as Luke in Purple Hearts. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022.
Purple Hearts. (L to R) Sofia Carson as Cassie, Nicholas Galitzine as Luke in Purple Hearts. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2022. /

The romantic drama film Purple Hearts premiered on Netflix in July 2022, and people wasted no time streaming it to see what it was all about. For the people who’ve watched it and made it one of the most popular Netflix movies of all time, you’re probably wondering if there will be a sequel.

Unfortunately, Netflix has not ordered a sequel to the successful movie, but that hasn’t stopped fans from expressing their desire for one. Likewise, the leading cast members and the film’s director have also fielded questions on the likelihood of a sequel. We’re sharing everything we have heard from the cast and creative team about a potential Purple Hearts 2.

Of course, Purple Hearts is a Netflix original movie helmed by Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum from a script co-written by Kyle Jarrow and Liz Garcia. It’s based on the 2017 book of the same name by Tess Wakefield and tells the story of an aspiring singer and a troubled U.S. Marine who agree to a marriage of convenience for military benefits. But when an unexpected tragedy strikes and the soldier is sent home earlier than expected, what was supposed to be a fake marriage starts to turn into a real one.

Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine star in the leading roles as Cassie and Luke. The rest of the cast includes Chosen Jacobs, John Harlan Kim, Anthony Ippolito, Kat Cunning, Sarah Rich, Scott Deckert, and Linden Ashby. Below, you’ll find all there is to know about a potential Purple Hearts 2. The latest update was on Wednesday, Nov. 15.

Purple Hearts 2 still hasn’t been confirmed

As of November 2023, Netflix has not indicated that a sequel is in the works. The chances of there being a Purple Hearts 2 are slim to none. The romantic drama wraps up pretty neatly, with Cassie and Luke ending up together. So, a continuation of the story seems unnecessary.

However, if there were to be a sequel, it could follow Cassie and Luke’s life as an actual married couple. Maybe they could even have kids. Like any married couple, problems will arise. Remember, Luke was kicked out of the U.S. Marine Corps after being charged with fraud. This could cause some problems in their relationship with Luke having a hard time finding a job. Then, there’s Cassie’s singing career taking off. This means she’ll be on different tours and never really at home. This could also cause some tension in their relationship.

Even though there is interested and demand from fans for a sequel, it feels rather unlikely that one will actually be pursued. Time is always of the essence for these kinds of sequels. It’s true that you can never say never, but the more time the elapses, the busier the cast gets and the further interest ultimately declines from the public. Netflix would have to weigh the pros and cons of taking the risk on opening Purple Hearts back up for another round.

Following the release of Galitzine’s movie Red, White & Royal Blue in August 2023, the demand for a sequel to that hit movie seems to have far outweighed that of the Netflix romantic drama. As Galitzine’s star continues to rise, so will the roles he takes on. As always, you can never predict what will happen when it comes to sequels, but it feels like one movie has a better chance than the other.

Now that both the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes have ended, we’ll surely be receiving more updates on what each streamer and studio will be putting into development. Fingers crossed there’s some good news in the future on the sequel front!

Sofia Carson is open to a Purple Hearts sequel

In an August 2022 interview with Variety, Carson and Rosenbaum spoke about making the movie, casting Galitzine as Luke, and (of course!) the fan demand for a sequel. As mentioned, the love story seemingly has an end in the movie, but fans couldn’t get enough of Cassie and Luke.

Thankfully, Carson seems to agree with them. She told Variety:

"“Now fans have kind of been demanding a sequel and there’s so many fan theories and fan stories and potential spinoffs, so of course it’s lovely to think of a life for Cassie and Luke beyond this film. I adore being Cassie and I’d be curious to see where it goes. Who knows. You never know!”"

Rosenbaum echoed Carson’s sentiments, and Variety teased that there had been conversations about continuing the story in a sequel, though “nothing official.” Here’s what the director shared with Variety:

"“I mean, I could watch the two of them and their chemistry all day. And they’re just great people to work with, so I definitely won’t rule it out. We wouldn’t do anything unless we really, really loved it, because we want to stay true to the integrity. We haven’t landed on anything specific yet. It’s always a possibility.”"

Galitzine also reacted to the success of the film and the fan reaction regarding the desire for another movie. Here’s what the actor said to People in August 2022:

"“We’ll see what happens, for sure. Even privately we joke about what would happen and how to possibly continue the story, because the script would have to be good. It would have to make sense. It would have to work. There are many different ways it could go, and we’ll wait and see if it’s the right story. But it’s very cool to see people asking for a second one.”"

Nicholas Galitzine addresses sequel interest

While chatting with Marc Malkin on the Just for Variety podcast during Red, White & Royal Blue promotion (the interview was conducted prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike but released during), Galitzine fielded a question about a potential sequel to Purple Hearts.

Seeing as nothing has been made official beyond fan chatter and interest, Galitzine was careful not to stoke any hype about a sequel but did comment on the fan interest surrounding one. He mentioned the ongoing strikes that are putting a pause on most film and television projects, making sure not to say anything out of turn.

Here’s what Galitzine told Malkin:

"“I try and let nature kind of take its course with these projects. If there’s people clamoring for it, it’s obviously something I’ll always consider, and I think really for now, I’ve just been blown away by the incredible filmmakers and actors and writers and producers I’ve been able to connect with.”"

The actor went on to expand on that sentiment, expressing his gratitude for the work he’s been able to accomplish and the growth that comes as an actor with each role. However, he did end his answer with this: “We’ll see what happens. We all remain quietly optimistic.”

Unfortunately for fans, Netflix hasn’t put a sequel in development, but as Carson said, you never know. The film’s leads have been keeping busy, as Carson performed at the Oscars in 2023, won an MTV Movie & TV Award for “Come Back Home” from Purple Hearts, and will next be seen in Netflix’s Carry-On. Galitzine stars in the huge hit film adaptation of Red, White & Royal Blue and Bottoms, and will next be seen in The Idea of You with Anne Hathaway and the Sky/Starz series Mary & George.

If a sequel does arise in the future, there are so many ideas for a Purple Hearts 2 should Netflix choose to give the go-ahead. We’ll just have to wait and see what Netflix decides. For now, expect Purple Hearts to be a one-and-done type of movie.

Stay tuned to Netflix Life for any new updates on a potential sequel!

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