Luke and Lorelai and the 5 best (and 3 worst) Gilmore Girls couples


If you’re a Gilmore Girls fan, then you have a handful of couples from the show that you love. Whether they’re the underrated coupling or the popular pick, we all have those couples that we root for more than others. And when it comes to this particular show, certain couples are far more superior than others.

Throughout the series Lorelai and Rory each had a few serious romantic relationships. For her part, Rory had three Very Important Boyfriends in Dean, Jess, and Logan, and it’s safe to say that each fan has their own interpretation of which was the best and which was the worst boyfriend for Rory.

Meanwhile, Lorelai always had a will-they-or-won’t-they happening with Luke from the very first episode, but she ended up getting engaged to Max, dating Digger, and marrying Christopher. Still, Luke and Lorelai were endgame, and I have never once heard anyone try to say they weren’t destined for each other, even with their season 6-induced rough patch.

Beyond Lorelai and Rory’s various love interests, there are lots of Stars Hollow couples like Babette and Morey, Kirk and Lulu, and Lane and Dave that you just can’t help but love. But which Gilmore Girls couples are the best and which ones are the worst?

Gilmore Girls

Best: Rory and Jess

Rory’s first second boyfriend (bonus points if you get that reference) was also probably her best boyfriend overall. Between Dean and Logan, literally and figuratively, I think Jess helped shape Rory’s perspective on love. Being with all three of her great loves wasn’t easy, and we all know Jess wasn’t easy, but Rory had a far deeper connection with him than the other two.

They were soulmates, and that’s not up for debate. They’re star-crossed lovers, doomed to never have the right timing. The connection she shares with Dean and Logan will always be special (especially Logan…), yet she and Jess just had some unspoken pull toward each other. Those invisible strings were a force. Needless to say, we’ll never get over these bookworms.

Worst: Lorelai and Christopher

I might be in the minority here when I say that I didn’t mind Lorelai and Christopher together. They were fated, and as Rory’s father, he’s one of Lorelai’s soulmates. More than anything, they needed to get an actual relationship out of their systems to see if it could work… and it didn’t. Honestly, they waited far too long to get together, and Christopher hadn’t worked on his ego or jealousy.

Earlier on in the series, Christopher returns to Stars Hollow with grand aspirations of marrying Lorelai and finally becoming a complete family. She turns him down in season 1, insisting he’s not ready for what he’s proposing, and by season 2, they seem to be putting the pieces in to place, until Sherry becomes pregnant. Their ill-fated season 7 marriage didn’t last either. What can you do?

Best: Sookie and Jackson

Is there a couple in the series more lovable than Sookie and Jackson? A chef and a vegetable farmer — a match made in culinary heaven! Before their relationship had even become romantic, they had an electric banter and a definite attraction. Watching their connection bloom into something more throughout the first two seasons was truly enchanting. And continuing to watch them grow into a family surely made us all believe in true love.

Worst: Luke and Nicole

Obviously, Luke with anyone other than Lorelai feels like a crime. While he had a couple girlfriends in the series, including Rachel in the first season, Luke’s main series relationship besides Lorelai was with Nicole, who he began dating in season 3. After going on a summer cruise, the two spontaneously get married.

They try to make their marriage work for a bit, a moment that surprises Lorelai when she learns Luke has moved out of Stars Hollow. However, Luke and Nicole ultimately divorce in season 4. They’re not bad, I guess, but just boring and hard to root for.

Gilmore Girls

Best: Lane and Zack

For a lot of day 1 fans of the show, Lane’s relationship with Dave will always hold a special place in our hearts. But alas, Adam Brody had to go make history as Seth Cohen in The O.C. It’s a trade-off we can accept; at least he did something iconic if he wasn’t able to stick around and be Lane’s endgame. However, Lane ended up with her bandmate Zach, and he’s basically Lane’s Jess but without the brooding. They marry in season 6, have their twins in season 7, and are still together in the miniseries as Stars Hollow’s resident cool parents.

Best: Richard and Emily

How could the heads of the Gilmore family not be one of the show’s best couples? Although they have their troubles and separate for a short period, the love that Richard and Emily share for each other is simply aspirational. Just look at how instinctively and unconditionally she cares for Richard during his health crises. They have a bit of a traditional, old-school marriage, but when it comes down to it, Richard and Emily are still giddy for each other, as if they just met.

Worst: Paris and Asher

The reason for Paris and Asher being one of the worst Gilmore Girls couples should be pretty self explanatory. She’s a college undergrad, and he’s one of Richard Gilmore’s friends. See? Self explanatory. I don’t believe we were supposed to like them together as a couple, but Paris was rather down bad for him and took his death very hard. Thankfully, she ended up with Doyle, who was the perfect fit for her up until their eventual divorce in the miniseries.

Gilmore Girls

Best: Luke and Lorelai

Last but a billion percent not least, Luke and Lorelai are THE couple of Gilmore Girls. From the first scene they share in the pilot episode, their chemistry sparks like Lorelai’s caffeine buzz first thing in the morning. There was no world in which they didn’t get together, end up together, and become the most important person in each other’s lives. I mean, they already were as friends. Lorelai was the one paying customer (LOL) he could tolerate.

Throughout the first three seasons of the show, their obvious attraction to each other was teased in fits and starts but didn’t get off to the races until season 4. They understood each other and were always there for each other, no matter what. Luke happily makes her a chuppah, constructs an ice skating rink, and fixes everything in her house. Lorelai’s the emotional support he often doesn’t realize he needs.

Their first kiss in the season 4 finale led to the beginnings of their relationship in season 5, Lorelai’s proposal in the season 5 finale, and the unfortunate crumbling of their relationship in season 6. After getting back together in the series finale, Luke and Lorelai don’t get married until 2016 in the miniseries. I love that we had the opportunity to share that magical moment with them. It’s what we, and the show’s best couple, deserve.

All seven seasons and the revival miniseries of Gilmore Girls are available on Netflix!

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