These 5 Gilmore Girls characters are actually villains


In a town like Stars Hollow there aren’t really any villains. Not in the traditional sense anyway. It’s not Smallville, where a teen Clark Kent had to face larger-than-life villainy left and right, and it’s not Tree Hill, where the bad guys walked among the good guys. Gilmore Girls didn’t dial into seedy small-town melodrama.

But that doesn’t mean there weren’t a handful of figurative villains throughout the show’s seven-season run. (And no, Lorelai and Rory aren’t included in the villain department, thank you very much!) You could always count on a character or two to stand in the way of Lorelai, Rory, or the town of Stars Hollow at large.

Of course, there were the apparent “Big Bads,” like Logan’s father Mitchum Huntzberger, who was just plain mean to Rory with his unsolicited “honesty.” Rory also tangled with Chilton classmates Francie, Tristan, and never to forget her best frenemy Paris Geller. Even Emily Gilmore had a minor evil streak from time to time, but she’s one you can’t help but love.

Who were some of the Gilmore Girls characters who maybe came off as a nuisance but were actually through-and-through villains? We’re sharing five characters, some of whom could be obvious, that are the true antagonists to our favorite characters, beginning with everyone’s love-to-hate town selectman and grocery store owner Taylor Doose.

Gilmore Girls

Taylor Doose

As well meaning as he often thought he was being, Taylor Doose essentially was the Joker of Stars Hollow, the constant source of chaos. He’s the town selectman, which is basically an appointed town official, and he wielded that power with glee. Those town meetings made him feel powerful, no matter how often his constituents were rolling their eyes and poking fun.

Between being an absolute menace to Luke (which was kind of funny, not gonna lie) and giving Lorelai the Sores and Boils address, to putting the town in danger with a red light camera and meddling in Luke and Lorelai’s breakup, Taylor was always at the scene of the crime, perhaps even instigating the crime. I’m sorry, but Taylor isn’t beating the villain allegations!

Anna Nardini

When Anna Nardini (played by Sherilyn Fenn, who also played Jess’ father’s girlfriend Sasha in season 3) arrived in season 6, it was immediately difficult to be on her side. She kept Luke’s daughter April from him for 12 years, never telling him about her at all. Luke only learns about April when she drops by Luke’s for a science project on finding her biological father.

Once April becomes a part of Luke’s life, Anna doesn’t necessarily make it easy. In some regards, you can respect Anna for being a cautious and caring mother. But when she attempts to deny Luke his rights as a father, it’s tough see her side. As far as Luke’s relationship with his daughter is concerned, Anna’s the frequent force putting up roadblocks that are just unfair.

Lorelai “Trix” Gilmore

There are some Gilmore Girls fans who would call Lorelai and Rory villainous, but those aren’t the Lorelais who are actual villains. Their namesake, Lorelai’s grandmother and Richard’s mother Lorelai, otherwise known as Trix, is the real villain — especially if you’re asking Emily. Please, when Trix died, Emily felt a sense a freedom we had never seen before.

Trix could be vicious as an upholder of traditional Gilmore values, staunchly dedicated to maintaining the family name with an air of prestige. She was never afraid to speak her mind, which should theoretically always be celebrated, but not when that honesty is hurtful and harmful to others. Although Richard adored her, Trix loudly and unabashedly made Emily feel less than.

Asher Fleming

If we’re being honest, Asher Fleming doesn’t catch enough smoke. He’s a man nearly Rory’s grandfather’s age who dates a college freshman. It’s weird, it’s always been weird, and it will always be weird. Paris and Asher have a serious relationship, and though Paris is wise beyond her years, it’s hard to root for their relationship knowing the generation-spanning age gap. In the end, Asher dies of a heart attack before Paris begins her sophomore year at Yale.


Dean haters are an elite class of Gilmore Girls fans. We just get it. Nothing against Jared Padalecki at all. He plays the part excellently, but there’s something about Dean that’s oddly unlikable. (Note: Unlikable isn’t always a bad thing!) He seems like the perfect all-American boyfriend, but he’s so clingy and territorial and traditional, all in ways that stifle Rory.

Initially, the good parts make Rory feel safe and special. But I’m constantly reminded of when Rory wanted to work a little extra hard on extracurriculars because she felt anxious about college, and Dean felt slighted because she wasn’t spending enough time with him. When you boil it down, he selfishly wanted Rory to minimize herself. Don’t forget the end of season 4 into season 5, too!

All seven seasons of Gilmore Girls and its revival miniseries are available on Netflix.

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