All of Us Are Dead season 2 rumored to start production in early 2024

All of Us Are Dead. Courtesy of Netflix.
All of Us Are Dead. Courtesy of Netflix. /

It’s been a while since we learned new information about All of Us Are Dead season 2 on Netflix. And honestly, the second season should’ve already come out by now or at least have a release date. What’s taking so long?

We shared everything we know about All of Us Are Dead season 2 below. This report was originally published in 2022, and we’re continuing to add new information when we learn it. FanSided Entertainment’s Crystal George and Bryce Olin contributed to this report.

All of Us Are Dead season 2 latest news

We shared the latest news about All of Us Are Dead season 2 below:

  • South Korean actress Roh Yoon-seo is rumored to star in the upcoming second season.
  • A 2024 release seems to have been confirmed according to an Instagram post by All of Us Are Dead star Park Ji-hu's talent agency, BH Entertainment. On Jan. 17, BH Entertainment posted the 2024 lineup for several of their actors on Instagram and Park Ji-hu was on the list for All of Us Are Dead season 2.
  • Director Lee Jae-kyoo teased fans in a September 2023 interview at Universal Studios Singapore Horror Nights with some things they can expect to see in season 2. More on that below.
  • Principal photography for the second season is rumored to start in early 2024.
  • As of Nov. 8, it’s still quiet on the All of Us Are Dead season 2 front, but we have an idea of why this might be the case.
  • According to a Teen Vogue interview with Park Ji-hu in March 2023, All of Us Are Dead season 2 had not started filming yet. That’s not great for fans hoping to see All of Us Are Dead season 2 in 2023.
  • All of Us Are Dead season 2 is officially happening. Netflix announced the renewal last summer.

When was All of Us Are Dead renewed?

It took a little over four months for Netflix to finally announce some good news about All of Us Are Dead‘s future. On June 6, 2022 at Netflix Geeked Week 2022, the streaming giant released a video featuring some of the cast, such as Yoon Chan-young, Park Ji-hu, Lomon, and Cho Yi-hyun. In the video, the cast revealed that an All of Us Are Dead season 2 was officially happening.

Check out the exciting video below!

What is the zombie series about?

After a failed science experiment by Hyosan High science teacher Lee Byeong-chan, a mysterious virus that turns humans into zombies begins to spread across the school as well as the entire city. The authorities declare a state of emergency and place the city under lockdown. Meanwhile, a group of students trapped in Hyosan High must band together to survive the zombie outbreak as they await to be rescued.

It’s a K-Drama directed by Lee Jae-kyoo and Kim Nam-su from scripts written by Chun Sung-il. It’s also based on the Naver webtoon of the same name by Joo Dong-geun and is jointly produced by Film Monster (JTBC Studios) and Kim Jong-hak Production.

Yoon Chan-young, Park Ji-hu, Cho Yi-hyun, Park Solomon (Lomon), Yoo In-soo, Lee Yoo-mi, Kim Byung-chul, Jeon Bae-soo, Lee Kyu-hyung, Im Jae-hyeok, Ha Seung-ri, Lee Eun-saem, and many others star in the first season.

We initially reported that filming could’ve started in 2022

Initially, we thought that production on the second season could’ve possibly started in September 2022, but it looks like this is untrue. According to an interview All of Us Are Dead star Park Ji-hu did with Teen Vogue in March 2023, the cast and crew have not started filming the second season.

Our initial report is below.

The cast and crew were first spotted shooting the second season in September 2022, according to photos shared on Twitter. However, it’s unclear if production actually started in September. It sounds like these images might not be real.

In October 2022, a fan shared a TikTok video of what looks to be the cast and crew filming. In the video, you can see people acting like zombies while others run away. However, it’s important to mention that Netflix nor the creative team behind the show have announced that filming has started. These photos and videos could be from another project. Honestly, it looks like this video could’ve been taken on set of the Netflix reality series Zombieverse.

Filming on season 2 is rumored to start in early 2024

As of Jan. 3, it still doesn’t appear that the cameras have started rolling on the second season yet. None of the cast or crew have said anything about production starting, nor has Netflix. However, there’s a rumor going around that production will be starting in early 2024.

According to What’s on Netflix, the cameras are rumored to start rolling in early 2024 (Early Q1 2024) and stop in Early Q2 2024. Q1 months are January, February, and March, and Q2 months are April, May, and June.

Again, this is a rumored production schedule. Nothing has been locked down and confirmed. Once we find out the official production schedule, we’ll let you know.

Could Roh Yoon-seo be in All of Us Are Dead season 2?


It appears so! On Jan. 31, STARNEWS reported that South Korean actress Roh Yoon-seo would be starring in the second season of the zombie series. However, Yoon-seo's label, MAA, swiftly responded to the report by saying, "Nothing has been decided yet."

Although her casting hasn't been confirmed, it looks like talks are being had about her possibly being casted. That's some good news to hear, especially after there being pretty much radio silence about the second season. We'll get back to you if she does eventually join the season 2 cast.

Roh Yoon-seo is best known for her roles in the Netflix K-Dramas Our Blues, Crash Course in Romance, Black Knight and 20th Century Girl.

Has Netflix announced the All of Us Are Dead season 2 release date yet?

Unfortunately, no, we don’t know the All of Us Are Dead season 2 release date yet. And when the new season will arrive is not exactly clear. There were rumors that production started in 2022, but those rumors were shut down when Park Ji-hu revealed in a March 2023 interview that they hadn’t started filming yet.

Since it looks like production still hasn’t started, we’re going to be waiting until at least 2024 for the new season to be released. Initially, we gave an early 2024 release prediction, but that’s too soon. We have to take into consideration how long production and post-production will last.

For now, we’re anticipating that the new season will be released somewhere between late 2024 and early 2025. We’ll update that prediction when we find out more information about the hit series.

Release Prediction: late 2024 to early 2025

All of Us Are Dead season 1 ending explained

After the deputy commander decides to bomb the entire city of Hyosan to hopefully get rid of the infected, Cheong-san and the remaining survivors race to find a safe haven. Unfortunately, Gwi-nam shows up and bites Cheong-san in the arm. This means he will eventually turn into a zombie or a halfbie. Cheong-san then decides to sacrifice himself to save his friends. While the remaining survivors run away, Cheong-san and Gwi-nam get into one final battle that ends with them falling down an elevator shaft and being engulfed by flames.

The remaining students make their way to the evacuated city of Yangdong and have to fight off a horde of zombies. The attack ends with one casualty, Wu-jin. Meanwhile, Nam-ra is having a hard time fighting off her bloodlust, so she distances herself from the group to protect them. After leaving Yangdong city, the six remaining survivors (On-jo, Su-hyeok, Hyo-ryeong, Dae-su, Ha-ri, and Mi-jin) run into the authorities and are finally rescued and brought to a quarantine camp.

Then, we flash forward to four months later. The quarantine camp is less strict, and On-Jo is able to sneak out at night to leave gifts at the memorial right outside the camp. But one night, she notices a campfire lit on the rooftop of Hyosan High. So, she and the other students decide to investigate it. Surprisingly, they find Nam-ra on the rooftop and try to get her to go back with them to the camp. But Nam-ra tells them she can’t because more halfbies like her are roaming around.

Then, Nam-ra looks around before saying, “They’re back.” She doesn’t specify who “they” are, but I think it’s safe to say she’s talking about other halfbies. She tells her friends she’ll be back and then jumps off the rooftop. On-Jo and Co walk to the edge of the rooftop and look down. They all appear to be shocked by what they see. Then, it cuts to the credits.

What could All of Us Are Dead season 2 be about?

In September 2023, All of Us Are Dead director Lee Jae-kyoo visited the Universal Studios Singapore Horror Nights event where he gave fans an idea of what to expect in the upcoming second season. The interview was originally in Korean, and we translated it into English.

As reported by OSEN, Lee Jae-kyoo said that viewers can expect to see "stronger and more evolved zombies" and that the season "will be set in the fallen Seoul." He continues and says, "We are currently preparing for production and will come to you with a more interesting and spectacular drama, so please look forward to it." Oh, we're definitely looking forward to seeing the new season!

Before All of Us Are Dead was renewed for a second season, director Lee Jae-kyoo said in an interview with The Korea Herald that he created the zombie series with a second season in mind. He said, “If the first season can be seen as having presented humanity‘s survival, the next season can talk about the survival of zombies.”

A season 2 plot about the survival of zombies would make sense, given that the first season ends with Nam-ra revealing that there are more zombie-human hybrids like her still roaming around. Who knows, there might be regular zombies roaming around as well. If the military finds out about there still being zombies right outside the camp, they’ll most likely try to kill them. And if they find a zombie-human hybrid, they might run experiments to try to figure out a way to kill them. So, Nam-ra and her new halfbie friends would have to focus on surviving in the second season.

Also, the military captured the creator of the virus Lee Byeong-chan’s infected wife and son, and instead of killing them, they decided to use them for unknown reasons. Could they be running tests to find a cure, or are they using them for something else entirely? All of this can be explored in a second season.

Who could be in the second season of the zombie series?

Sadly, Netflix hasn’t confirmed who will return in All of Us Are Dead season 2. But we have an idea of who could come back. Of course, the six remaining students On-jo (Park Ji-hu), Su-hyeok (Lomon), Hyo-ryeong (Kim Bo-yoon), Dae-su (Im Jae-hyuk), Ha-ri (Ha Seung-ri), and Mi-jin (Lee Eun-saem) will likely be in the second season.

Cho Yi-hyun, who plays Nam-ra, will most likely return as well. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that Cheong-san (Yoon Chan-young) somehow survived the bombing and will show up in the second season too. But if Cheong-san survived the bombing, season 1 villain Gwi-nam (Yoo In-soo) probably did too which means he could also appear in the second season.

But besides the returning cast members, we can probably expect some new cast additions. We’ll share the official season 2 cast list once Netflix releases it.

How many episodes could there be?

The total episode count for season 2 is unknown at the moment. However, we’re probably looking at another 12 episodes. Each episode will probably be at least 50 minutes long, if not longer. We’ll share the official episode count once we find out. We can probably expect the new season to be rated TV-MA again since it’s not often that Netflix shows age ratings are changed.

Here’s a possible reason why the second season is taking so long to come out

Believe me, we’re just as eager to see the second season as you. Although the show’s creative team nor Netflix has come out and announced what the hold-up is with the second season, we think we might know what’s happening.

We believe that the reason why it’s taking so long for All of Us Are Dead season 2 to be released is because the cast and crew have been busy with other projects. It looks like they haven’t had the time to put their focus on the zombie series because of prior commitments.

For example, the show’s co-creator Chun Sung-il was working on the Korean drama, King the Land, while the other show co-creators Lee Jae-kyoo and Kim Nam-su were working on the Korean drama Daily Dose of Sunshine. In addition, main cast members like Park Ji-hu and Yoon Chan-young have been working on other shows as well.

Hopefully, the cast and crew can get started on the second season soon because we’re more than ready to see the show return!

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