All of Us Are Dead age rating: Is the new Netflix show kid-friendly?

All of us are Dead Cr. Yang Hae-sung/Netflix © 2021
All of us are Dead Cr. Yang Hae-sung/Netflix © 2021 /

Come Friday, Jan. 28, horror fans on Netflix will have a new series to rave over. All of Us Are Dead, a teen zombie thriller from Korea, is set to make its mark on the streamer.

The plot centers on a group of students fighting to stay alive after a virus outbreak leads to their classmates turning into the undead. A state of emergency is called but, while that’ll lock down the city, it doesn’t change the fact that they’re trapped inside their school with no one immediately available to rescue them.

The virus makes anyone infected incredibly afraid and desperate to survive. As they slash and bite those around them, they spread the infection until all that’s left is a host of people attacking anyone in their immediate vicinity.

From the calm before the storm to the absolute chaos that is unleashed in this school, All of Us Are Dead covers the lengths the students will go to in order to make it out alive or at least keep fighting until they can’t anymore. The 12 episode season also unravels the mystery of how this could have happened and who’s responsible for the outbreak.

We expect this series to be quite intense, here’s what we know about its age rating.

All of Us Are Dead age rating

All of Us Are Dead is rated TV-MA which isn’t surprising considering zombie thrillers tend to be on the bloody and gory side. This series is no exception as students are covered in the remnants of their classmates in the trailer. There’s also graphic violence and body horror, all of which are typical to the genre.

While teenagers used to slasher films similar to the Fear Street trilogy will likely be fine even with the copious amounts of blood and gore, All of Us Are Dead isn’t for children. We’ll keep you posted on more news and coverage concerning the series, stay tuned to Netflix Life!

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