Sister Death cast guide: Meet the stars of the horror movie

Sister Death. Aria Bedmar as Hermana Narcisa in Sister Death.Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Sister Death. Aria Bedmar as Hermana Narcisa in Sister Death.Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Sister Death is the highly-anticipated prequel film to the 2017 Spanish horror film Verónica from director Paco Plaza. With the film coming to Netflix on October 27, we’re introducing the cast and characters in the movie. Americans might not be familiar with the lead actors in Sister Death, but after watching their excellent performances in the movie, you might want to seek out some of their other work!

Netflix didn’t have a lot planned for Halloween season this year, forgoing their usual “Netflix & Chills” slate, but the streamer has released at least a few new things, like the slasher comedy The Conference and Mike Flanagan’s buzzy series The Fall of the House of Usher.

Sister Death is set in the late 1940s, after the Spanish Civil War, and follows Sister Narcisa as she becomes a teacher at an all-girls school. The character of Narcisa in the film is actually the younger version of the nun referred to as “Sister Death” in Verónica. This movie helps us learn what happened to Narcisa that led to her blinding herself.

Sister Death. Cr: Netflix.
Sister Death. Cr: Netflix. /

Aria Bedmar as Sister Narcisa

Aria Bedmar stars in Sister Death as Sister Narcisa, a novitiate who supposedly witnessed a miracle as a child and became known as the “Holy Child.” She accepts a new job as a teacher at an all-girls school in 1949, and its her story we follow throughout the film as we learn what happened to Narcisa before she became known as “Sister Death” to Verónica and her classmates in the 1990s.

Bedmar’s role in Sister Death is one of her biggest to date, but she’s appeared in other Spanish Netflix projects like Muted, Heirs to the Land, and The Cook of Castamar.

Maru Valdivielso as Sister Julia

Sister Julia is another teacher and nun at the school, but she’s a little more skeptical of Sister Narcisa’s reputation as the “Holy Child” than their Mother Superior. The character is played by Maru Valdivielso, who actually had a role in Verónica, though she played a character named Josefa and not Julia. Some of her other projects include The Ministry of Time, Hospital Central, and Lovers of the Arctic Circle.

Luisa Merelas as Mother Superior

Luisa Merelas is another accomplished, talented actress in the film and she plays the convent’s Mother Superior, the leading abbess who is the school’s superior as well as the other nuns. She believes in Sister Narcisa’s place as a “Holy Child” and welcomes her into the school with open arms. Merelas is known for her work in the series Matalobos and movies like The Beasts and Eye for an Eye. She is also in the intimate drama Elisa & Marcela, which is also streaming on Netflix.

Sister Death cast list

  • Chelo Vivares as Sister Sagrario
  • Sara Roch as Rosa
  • Olimpia Roch as Elvirita
  • Adriana Camarena as Ana María
  • Martina Delgado as Marina
  • Claudia Fernández Arroyo as Vinyet
  • Almudena Amor as Sister Socorro

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