Onmyoji release date and everything we know so far

Onmyoji Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix
Onmyoji Production StillImage Courtesy Netflix /

If you love watching anime about demon-expelling, then we think Onmyoji may be an anime that is to your liking, as it is about this and so, so much more!

What’s more, this anime adaptation is one that many have been waiting for a long time, so if you want to be a part of history, then you absolutely should check it out!

Save the date! Onmyoji will officially release on Netflix on Tuesday, Nov. 28. Here’s everything else that we know so far about the upcoming anime!

Onmyoji plot summary

Two exorcists, Minamoto no Hiromasa and Abe no Seimei, come together to deal with demons who ravage through the human world for one reason or another. Their partnership is unlikely, as one is ruthless when it comes to expelling demons, while the other has a softer approach to demons, going so far as to find some of them “endearing.” Nevertheless, these opposites attract so well that there’s little to nothing that can stop them.

Read more of the official synopsis below (via Netflix Media Center):

"Together with his partner Minamoto no Hiromasa, the legendary onmyoji oracle Abe no Seimei works to solve crimes wherein the human and demon worlds have collided. In this anime based on a series of novels, Abe no Seimei takes on never-before-seen adventures in entirely new episodes.In the prosperous capital of Heian-kyo, Minamoto no Hiromasa, a court musician and grandson of Emperor Daigo, visits the Bureau of Onmyo to try and solve the mystery of a demon that is terrorizing the city. There, he is introduced to a man who is up to the challenge: an impersonal but exceptional onmyoji named Abe no Seimei."


Voicing the lead roles of Abe Seimei and Minamoto Hiromasa are Daisuke Namikawa and Shintaro Asanuma.

Daisuke is a talented voice actor who has voiced characters in Hunter x HunterDemon Slayer, and Violet Evergarden. Shintatro is also a famous voice you may have heard once or twice, as this actor can be heard in GivenThe Tatami Galaxy, and Ace of the Diamond.

In addition to Daisuke and Shintaro, the cast of Onmyoji includes:

  • Yui Ishikawa as Tsuyuko
  • Kenji Hamada as Imperial Prince Atsumi
  • Daisuke Kishio as Kamo Yasunori
  • Rina Sato as Ashiya Doman

(Find out more about these characters here!)


This anime is produced by none other than Marvy Jack, the same production company that brought you Golden Kamuy and Durarara!!. Safe to say that you’re definitely going to be blown away by this title’s stellar animation!

Check out the official trailer for the upcoming Netflix anime below!

Now that you know all the juicy details about Onmyoji, be sure to head to Netflix on Tuesday, Nov. 28, to catch every single moment. Trust us, you’re not going to want to miss this!

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