10 unsolved Gilmore Girls mysteries we still think about

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Even all these years later (just a couple decades, no big deal), there’s so much still to talk about when it comes to Gilmore Girls. Whether it’s celebrating 20 years of Rory beginning Yale or wondering if there’s another chapter on the horizon, fans always have room for Stars Hollow in their hearts.

While the series answered a lot of our burning questions by either the end of season 7 or the revival miniseries, with every rewatch, you can’t help but notice a few obvious mysteries that were left unsolved. Lane’s dad was absent, Emily’s backstory isn’t explored, Rory and Jess never had a real shot to make it work, and so many more questions remain.

It’s time to get to the bottom of some unsolved Gilmore Girls mysteries rattling around our brains, or at the very least, re-open these cold cases for discussion. Let’s begin with a romantic possibility that had real potential: Rory and Tristin.

10. What if Rory and Tristin actually dated?

Within seven seasons (and the revival), Rory had three great loves: Dean, Jess, and Logan. In between each one, there were flirtations with potential love interests such as Marty in college, Paul in her 30s (poor Paul!), and bad boy Tristin in high school. Chad Michael Murray played the popular heartthrob with a bullying streak who had a real thing for Rory.

Although he poked fun at her by calling her Mary, something about her fighting back at his pestering made him like her. Apart from a kiss and an ill-fated turn as Romeo and Juliet, Rory and Tristin never had an opportunity to see what could have been. Tristin leaving made room for Jess, but something tells me this couple could have been a fan-favorite, too.