Where was No Hard Feelings filmed? (filming locations)

Maddie (Jennifer Lawrence) and Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman) in Columbia Pictures’ NO HARD FEELINGS.
Maddie (Jennifer Lawrence) and Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman) in Columbia Pictures’ NO HARD FEELINGS. /

Besides loving every second of seeing Jennifer Lawrence goof off on camera, one thing fans love the most about No Hard Feelings was the scenery.

The beach filled with soft sand, the gorgeous house that we would definitely rent out if given the chance, and, of course, the marvelous plants and trees were all aspects that we couldn’t help but be fascinated by. So much so we can’t help but wonder where in the world this 2023 movie was filmed. Fortunately for you, we have the answers you’ve been dying to know!

Here’s where No Hard Feelings was filmed!

No Hard Feelings filmed in various places in New York

As per Decider, No Hard Feelings filmed in Montauk, New York for about one week. (After all, it’s where Jennifer Lawrence’s character, Maddie, comes from!)

No Hard Feelings
Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman) and Maddie (Jennifer Lawrence) in Columbia Pictures’ NO HARD FEELINGS. /

The media outlet also reports that majority of filming was done outside of Montauk, especially for the scene featuring Maddie tussling with teens on the beach. In scenes such as this one, No Hard Feelings cast and crew took a trip to Hempstead, Lawrence (a village in New York), Uniondale, and Point Lookout (a beach based in Hempstead).

The New York filming locations meant a lot to Andrew Barth Feldman

Andrew Barth Feldman, who starred as our co-lead Percy in the film, actually grew up Manhasset, New York, a place that wasn’t too far away from the many locations of No Hard Feelings. The 21-year-old actor recalls his feelings of excitement toward the production’s location, describing it as a “homecoming.” He expressed:

"We shot so much of this movie down the street from the house that I grew up in, on Long Island, in the Five Towns, Nassau County. I stayed in my childhood home during filming. I used to go to the laser tag place where we shot a scene. Our base camp was where all my county choir concerts were. It felt like my life was collapsing in on itself in a beautiful way. It really felt like a homecoming in a lot of ways."

Fans can visit these New York locations at any time

Although the filming sites won’t look exactly like they did in the movie (nor will they include the stunning Academy Award-winning actress that is Lawrence), you can still take a trip to see some of these locations and maybe recreate some of the scenes.

No Hard Feelings
Percy (Andrew Barth Feldman) in Columbia Pictures’ NO HARD FEELINGS. /

If you want to check out the animal shelter seen in the film, you can do so by heading to North Shore Animal League America in Port Washington, New York. Or if you want to check out Barth Feldman’s hometown, the Five Towns in Nassau County are right there waiting for you!

See some of the aforementioned locations in the official trailer for No Hard Feelings below.

Now that you know everything there is to know about where No Hard Feelings was filmed, feel free to head over to Netflix on Monday, Oct. 22, to stream every second of the critically acclaimed movie.

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