No Hard Feelings parents guide: Is the movie appropriate for kids? (R rating explained)

Maddie (Jennifer Lawrence) in Columbia Pictures’ NO HARD FEELINGS.
Maddie (Jennifer Lawrence) in Columbia Pictures’ NO HARD FEELINGS. /

This summer, Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence returned to the big screen in the raunchy comedy No Hard Feelings. Although we have witnessed her sense of humor in interviews over the years, she hadn’t ever made a full-fledged comedy until now.

In No Hard Feelings, Lawrence stars as Maddie, a 32-year-old woman who’s in a bit of a financial rut as a rideshare driver and bartender. When she faces overdue property taxes on her beloved house and loses her car, she answers an ad from wealthy parents looking for someone to date their college-bound son in exchange for a car. Obviously, Maddie accepts their offer.

When the movie hits Netflix, lots of Lawrence fans will be flocking to add the comedy to their watch list, but is this the perfect pick for family movie night? Here’s an explanation of the film’s R-rating and what to expect from the nudity, language, and more.

No Hard Feelings parents guide and rating explained

No Hard Feelings received an R rating from the MPAA for sexual content, language, some graphic nudity, and brief drug use. Because of the reasons behind the rating, especially the language and graphic nudity, the film is not suitable for viewing by children.

The film depicts a sexual relationship between a 30-something woman and a 19-year-old man, and there’s a scene that involves them in bed. There are frequent jokes relating to things of a sexual nature, and two scenes involving nudity (of varying degrees of graphic) from the two protagonists.

Warning: Minor spoilers ahead from the movie!

Did Jennifer Lawrence use a body double in No Hard Feelings?

One of the most graphic nude scenes in No Hard Feelings involves Jennifer Lawrence’s character Maddie engaging in a fight with a group of teens while naked. Maddie and Percy had been skinny dipping in the ocean when they noticed the teens attempting to steal their belongings on the shore. Maddie emerges from the water to fight for their items, and she’s completely naked.

Upon the film’s release, Lawrence spoke to Variety about the scene on the beach and admitted that she did not use a body double for the graphic nudity. As she explains the decision to do the scene herself, “Everyone in my life and my team is doing the right thing and going, ‘Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure?’ I didn’t even have a second thought. It was hilarious to me.”

No Hard Feelings will stream on Netflix later this year.

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