What is the Netflix movie Ijogbon about?

Ijogbon. Ijògbòn. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Ijogbon. Ijògbòn. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Many of you avid Netflix watchers know that the streamer has expanded into many international titles, including the popular K-dramas and movies. The streamer took the next step and expanded what it has to offer from other countries. There’s so many talented people globally, I like that we get to see work created and brought to life from around the world. The latest movie to drop is Nollywood film Ijogbon, which is now streaming.

Set in a rural village in South–West Nigeria, the drama is centered around four teens who find a pouch of uncut diamonds, per the synopsis. But when others hear about the coveted finding, the group has to stay away and safe from those coming to look for the bounty.

The trailer reveals just how far those looking for the diamonds will go to find the jewels and the teens who took them, and just how heart-racing the story you can expect to see is. The title of the movie translates to a situation of turmoil or chaos. And you can definitely see how chaotic things get! Check out the video below:

The filmmaker and cast of Ijogbon

The production is directed and produced by Kunle Afolayan, who partnered with Netflix back in March 2021 to create three movies for the streaming service. And it seems like Ijogbon is the third one. The first is Nigerian film Swallow, followed by Nigerian Christmas movie A Naija Christmas. Each of his projects on Netflix sets a different tone, and Ijogbon definitely is different. While these are the three he’s produced for Netflix under the deal, the streamer also offers some of his other work on the platform.

The four main teens headlining the film are Ruby Akubueze as Oby; Kayode Ojuolape Jr. as Jamiu; Fawaz Aina as Omooba, and Oluwaseyi Ebiesuwa as Ranti. Rounding out the cast are Yemi Sodimu as Principal; Yemi Solade as Chief Owonifaari; Bimbo Manuel as Kabiesi; Sam Dede as Rev. Sangodoyin; Femi Branch as Banjo; Femi Adebayo as Head of Amotekun; Gabriel Afolayan as Broda Kasali; Funky Mallam as Kafachan; Bolaji Amusan as Alabi’ Tana Adelana as Mama Oby’ and Adunni Ade as Chidera.

I think this teen drama is definitely worth a watch if you’re in the mood for something suspenseful, while looking for something different to tune in to. Once a movie or show finds success, sometimes what happens is that everyone else starts to copy the same format and story. And it just gets repetitive as a viewer. But Ijogbon provides a fresh take on a heart-racing drama, and we’re here for it!

Ijogbon is now streaming on Netflix.

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