Everything Now season 1 ending explained and spoilers: Does Mia have an eating disorder relapse?


What an explosive season 1 finale! Everything Now season 1 took viewers on a crazy journey with 16-year-old Mia Polanco (Sophie Wilde) and her wild yet supportive best friends. Did Mia scratch off all of the goals on her bucket list? Does she end up with the girl of dreams, Carli? Does she fully recover from her eating disorder? What happens to her best friends, Cam, Becca, and Will at the end of the season?

Maybe you didn’t quite catch everything when you were watching the show and missed some things. No worries! We gave a rundown of what all happened at the end of Everything Now season 1 down below. So, now is your time to click off this article if you don’t want to be spoiled because we’re about to get into some serious spoilery content.

Spoilers ahead from Everything Now season 1!

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What happens to Mia in the Everything Now season 1 finale?

After Viv (Mia’s mom) suspects Mia may have relapsed, she goes through her stuff in her room to see if she’s been hiding food. She eventually finds several meals in one of Mia’s chests, not knowing Mia is standing behind her. Viv turns around and tells Mia that she can’t help her get better and that she needs to be placed back in an in-patient treatment center.

Mia refuses to go back and decides to run away. The first person she looks for is Carli. She asks Carli to go with her to scratch more things off her bucket list. After some convincing, Carli decides to join her, not knowing what Mia’s real plans are. While they’re having fun achieving goals on Mia’s bucket list, Mia’s friends and parents are worried sick about her trying to figure out where she is.

Carli eventually figures out what’s going on when Mia starts becoming frantic asking her to go away with her to Manchester. Carli asks Mia why they have to do everything on her bucket list in one day and Mia comes clean. She explains that the average recovery time for someone recovering from anorexia is seven years and she wants to be able to have at least one day where she can do whatever she wants.

Mia became nervous about her chances of fully recovering after her friend from the in-patient treatment center passed away. This is why she became so adamant about doing what she wants. She didn’t think she was strong enough to beat her illness.

As Mia walks away to get on a bus to Manchester by herself, Carli manages to convince her to stay and get the treatment she needs. Mia meets with Dr. Nell and explains to him how she feels like a failure. But Dr. Nell reassures her that she’s a much different person than who she was seven months ago. She’s stronger, healthier, and recognizes that going back to her old ways is wrong. She asked for help which is something she wouldn’t have done in the past.

The season 1 finale ends with Mia making up with her friends and promising them that she’ll do whatever she needs to do to get better. Then, the close group of friends decides to get rid of Mia’s old bucket list and make a new one together. The last scene of the season shows Mia eating a sandwich. She realizes that although she doesn’t feel like she’s doing better, she’s taking the necessary steps to get better and that’s all that matters.

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Do Mia and Carli end up together?

Sadly, Mia and Carli do not end up together in Everything Now season 1. After Mia leaves Dr. Nell, she goes to talk to Carli to try to see if they can finally be together. She confesses her feelings to Carli, but Carli rejects her.

Although Carli likes Mia back, she doesn’t want to start a relationship with her when she’s not fully recovered. If you recall from earlier in the season, Carli told Mia that her mom is an alcoholic and she tried to be there for her, but her mom just wasn’t receptive. Carli doesn’t want to go through that again with Mia. So, she tells Mia that they can’t be together until she’s fully recovered.

Do Mia and Alison end up together?

No, Mia and Alison do not end up together at the end of the season. While Alison (Niamh McCormack) has always liked Mia, Mia wasn’t really sure of her feelings for Alison. She truly wanted to be with Carli, but she had messed up her chances, and Carli went and got together with Cam.

She loses her virginity to Alison and somehow ends up in a relationship with her. They don’t stay together, though. After Cam finds Mia and Carli kissing at Mia’s 17th birthday party, he storms off and basically reveals to Alison what Mia and Carli were just doing. Although we don’t see them break up on-screen, Alison reveals what happened between them later on.

Do Becca and Cam end up together?

Becca and Cam do not end up together either. After Becca reveals to Cam that she was pregnant with his child and had had an abortion, they completely get back on good terms. Cam even tells Becca he loves her, but Becca doesn’t get the chance to reply to him because her boyfriend, Jonah, interrupts their conversation to pick her up from the retirement home. Later, Becca reveals to Mia, Will, and Cam that she and Jonah broke up. She briefly looks at Cam while talking, but Cam can’t even look at her. There’s a reason why he can’t too.

What happened between Cam and Alison?

After Becca leaves with Jonah from the retirement home, Cam invites Alison out to get drunk. Alison agrees, and they leave. The next day, Cam goes to meet up with Mia and receives a text from Alison. The text reads, “F*ck I can’t believe what we did last night.” It’s not exactly clear what Cam and Alison got up to the night before, but it looks like they might’ve hooked up.

Do Will and Theo end up together?

It looks like it! As Will sits outside the retirement home feeling like a bad friend, Theo sits down beside him and tries to get him to open up. Remember, they weren’t on good terms after Theo overheard Will telling Becca that Theo had an “emo crush” on him.

Will apologizes to Theo for this comment and tells him that he really likes him. He explains to Theo that he didn’t know how to properly express his feelings and that’s why he was so standoffish. Theo accepts Will’s apology and comforts him. Although we don’t see them getting back together in the show, it’s basically implied. I mean, they’re later shown cuddled up on a couch.

Who is Rick’s mysterious new girlfriend?

We find out mid-season that Rick and Viv were pretending to still be together when Mia returned home to help her recovery. Rick had actually cheated on Viv while Mia was in the hospital. He left her for a woman he met at a support group for parents at Mia’s in-patient treatment center. In the Everything Now season 1 finale, we find out that the mysterious woman whom Rick is dating is Carol. Carol is the mother of Mia’s old friend from the in-patient treatment center who passed away.

What an amazing first season! Fingers crossed, an Everything Now season 2 happens. We’ll keep you updated on the show’s renewal status, so stay tuned to Netflix Life!

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