Tyler Stanaland departs the Oppenheim Group (Will he be in Selling the OC season 3?)

Selling the OC. Tyler Stanaland in episode 202 of Selling the OC. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Selling the OC. Tyler Stanaland in episode 202 of Selling the OC. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

We’ve got news to report, and we’re not sure if you will like it. This just in: Selling the OC star Tyler Stanaland has officially left the Oppenheim Group, a well-known real estate brokerage in California.

This comes after an explosive second season of Selling the OC which majorly focused on Tyler Stanaland and his love life. Stanaland was the main topic of discussion in Selling the OC season 2 after he was involved with two of his cast mates in a way that was more than “friendly.” We’re talking about Alex Hall and Polly Brindle.

If you recall from the second season, Stanaland was working through his divorce from Pitch Perfect actress Brittany Snow. Although he and Snow were separated and their divorce was in the process of being finalized, some of his cast mates didn’t think it was a good look for him to be messing around with other people so soon. Brandi Marshall was one of them.

After all the drama that went down with Stanaland and the rest of the cast in season 2, many fans were wondering if Stanaland would even want to return to the Oppenheim Group as well as the show. Well, now we know for a fact that he’s departed the Oppenheim Group.

Tyler Stanaland - Selling the OC
Selling the OC. Tyler Stanaland in episode 204 of Selling the OC. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

He spoke with People Magazine and explained his decision to part ways with the California brokerage. He mentions that after leaving the Oppenheim Group, he’ll be going to work with his dad and brother at the real estate company, Douglas Elliman. Stanaland’s father’s real estate company, the John Stanaland Group, joined this well-known real estate agency back in January 2023. As of Oct. 5, Stanaland is currently working at Douglas Elliman.

Here’s what Stanaland told People about leaving the Oppenheim Group:

"“Leaving the Oppenheim Group wasn’t an easy decision, but is the right decision for me and my clients. Not only am I joining my dad and brother at Douglas Elliman, I’m aligning with a brand that has unparalleled reach and presence in the market with a renowned network of agents and industry leaders.”"

He told People that his decision to change real estate agencies was for professional reasons. He also thanked the Oppenheim Group founders Jason and Brett Oppenheim for giving him an opportunity.

What does his departure from the company mean for his Selling the OC future, you ask? Well, Stanaland answered this burning question in his interview with People. He tells People, “Selling the OC revolves around agents at the Oppenheim Group. As of today, I will be working at Douglas Elliman.” Although he doesn’t flat out say that he’s not returning to the reality series, it’s pretty much obvious that this is what he’s saying.

However, we can expect to see him in the upcoming Selling the OC season 3. While doing press for the second season, Alex Hall told Us Weekly that fans will have to stick around for the third season to see the aftermath of what happened with her and Tyler in the last scene of season 2. Seasons 2 and 3 are believed to have been filmed back-to-back, and Tyler was still working at the Oppenheim Group at the time of filming. That’s why he will appear in the upcoming third season.

Stay tuned to Netflix Life for any new updates on Selling the OC season 3!

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