Are Selling the OC stars Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland dating in real life?

Selling the OC. (L to R) Tyler Stanaland, Alex Hall in episode 201 of Selling the OC. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Selling the OC. (L to R) Tyler Stanaland, Alex Hall in episode 201 of Selling the OC. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

Selling the OC is back with a brand new season, and The Oppenheim Group’s Orange County agents are dealing with more than just jaw-dropping, expensive homes. Rumors are swirling around this season, and the company’s reputation is at stake. Top agents Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland are at the center of the drama, but is anyone really surprised?

Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland have always had a flirty relationship. We saw this in the first season. This made several of their castmates give them the side-eye since Tyler was married then. Cast members like Alexandra Jarvis, Alexandra Rose, and Kayla Cardona considered their flirty behavior and some of the things they did as “inappropriate.”

But the Selling the OC cast weren’t the only people thinking their friendship was weird. Many viewers had the same thoughts. When Tyler and his now ex-wife Brittany Snow announced their separation in September 2022, people immediately started saying they saw the divorce coming after everything that happened on the show. Their divorce was later finalized in August 2023.

With everything that happened between Alex and Tyler in the second season, people are wondering if they decided to take their friendship to the next level and get together. Are Alex and Tyler dating as of September 2023? Here’s everything we know about Alex and Tyler’s current relationship status below.

Spoilers from Selling the OC season 2 ahead. 

Are Selling the OC stars Alex Hall and Tyler Stanaland dating in real life?

It’s unclear at the moment. However, in August 2023, Tyler spoke with E! News and mentioned that he and Alex were just good friends.

Here’s what Tyler said about his relationship with Alex:

"“Alex Hall and I are great. She has been somebody that’s been, you know really influential during this time and helped me out in a lot of ways and taken me to dinner when I needed it most. And she’s been a really good friend.”"

Tyler also spoke with Us Weekly ahead of the second season’s premiere and said this about his and Alex’s friendship.

"“I think we’re still navigating our friendship. Obviously, you see in season 2 [that] we explore some things. It leads to a steamy moment and I think we’re still kind of trying to figure it out, but we remain really close friends and I don’t have an answer [on where we stand] for you at the moment”"

In that same interview, Alex shares her thoughts on her and Tyler’s relationship.

"“You see throughout season 2 the dynamic of our friendship, and it’s easy and it’s comfortable because there it is, just that. It’s a friendship. There’s no strings attached and I think adding that other element is scary. … Some things are awkward, you know what I mean? And you can’t avoid it. So we’re just navigating.”"

As a viewer, I know it’s hard to believe that they’re just friends after everything that happened between them in the second season, which was filmed earlier this year. If you recall from Selling the OC season 2, it ends with Alex and Tyler confessing their feelings for each other and Tyler telling Alex that he wants to take her out for dinner. They even share several passionate kisses in the jacuzzi. I don’t know about you, but based on their conversation, it looks like they made the choice to start dating to see where things go.

Who knows, maybe Alex and Tyler tried to date after the show, but things didn’t work out. This could be why Tyler told E! News that he and Alex are just good friends. Since there’s an upcoming third season, we’ll probably see how everything plays out. Or, it could be that when he was giving that interview, he didn’t want to spoil anything because of the second season.

As for now, we’ll have to believe they’re just friends. But we’ll keep you constantly updated on their relationship status going forward.

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