Who plays Ruby in Sex Education? (Mimi Keene age, Instagram, relationship status, and more)

Sex Education Season 4. Mimi Keene as Ruby Matthews in Sex Education Season 4. Cr. Samuel Taylor/Netflix © 2023 - SexEd4_Day22_Ep401_ST-139.arw
Sex Education Season 4. Mimi Keene as Ruby Matthews in Sex Education Season 4. Cr. Samuel Taylor/Netflix © 2023 - SexEd4_Day22_Ep401_ST-139.arw /

Ruby may not be your favorite character in Sex Education, but get to know the actress who portrays her, and you’re going to absolutely love her! Mimi Keene is a rising star that you should definitely be looking forward to seeing in new TV shows and films. Of course, you can watch her now in Sex Education season 4.

In Sex Education seasons 1-3, Ruby is the “IT” girl and the leader of the popular clique, The Untouchables at Moordale Secondary. But in the fourth and final season of the teen series, Ruby is no longer the most popular girl in school now that she attends Cavendish College.

She spends most of the fourth season trying to adjust to her new school and fit in while also dealing with her unresolved feelings for Otis. Overall, Ruby’s journey throughout the fourth season is interesting to watch, and we loved how her story wrapped up.

Now, let’s learn more about Mimi Keene. She plays the mean girl role so well, but she’s the complete opposite of her character in real life.

Mimi Keene - Sex Education season 4
Sex Education Season 4. Mimi Keene as Ruby in Sex Education Season 4. Cr. Samuel Taylor/Netflix © 2023. /

Mimi Keene age

Mimi Keene was born on Aug. 5, 1998, which makes her 25 years old and her zodiac sign Leo. Yes, her British accent is real. She was born in London, England, and is slowly but surely making a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

Mimi Keene Instagram

Of course, with a beautiful face like hers, she would have an Instagram. You can find Mimi at the handle @mimikeene3. She has 3.4 million followers and over 50 posts. Many posts are of her and her Sex Education castmates, so I guess it’s safe to say that she’s really good friends with them. She also has tons of stunning selfies and full-body photos on her page.

However, she’s not really active on Instagram. But we’re hoping that she starts posting more often now that Sex Education season 4 is out. You can also follow her on Twitter/X @mimikeene3.

She has 104.6k followers and has been a member since August 2014. She doesn’t tweet often, but she does love to retweet others’ posts.

Mimi Keene height

According to Celebheights, Mimi is 5 feet 2 1/2 inches tall. She also has long brown hair and dark brown eyes.

Mimi Keene movies and TV shows

You’ve probably watched Mimi in other TV shows before you watched her in Sex Education. She’s also been in a couple of films. But before you knew her as Ruby Matthews, she was Cindy Williams in the British soap opera EastEnders.

She also played Claire in the Netflix movieClose, and a young Edith Bratt in the biographical drama film Tolkien. Mimi has had small roles in other TV series and movies, but Eastenders and Sex Education are the two shows that have helped her acting career tremendously.

Her most recent role was playing the character Natalie in the romance movie After Everything.

Is Mimi Keene dating anyone in 2023?

It doesn’t appear so. She seems to be a private person when it comes to her personal life. She hasn’t posted a significant other on any of her social media pages nor has she publicly announced that she’s in a relationship.

There’s only been one dating rumor about her, and it was quickly debunked. People thought she and her Sex Education co-star Asa Butterfield were dating, but they’re just friends. There’s a possibility that Mimi could be dating someone at the moment, but until there’s concrete evidence, we’ll have to believe she’s single.

You can catch Mimi Keene as Ruby Matthews in Sex Education season 4 streaming now on Netflix.

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