Sex Education season 4 reveals [SPOILER] is the father of Jean’s baby

Sex Education Season 4 (L to R) Gillian Anderson as Jean Milburn and Asa Butterfield as Otis Milburn in Sex Education Season 4. Cr. Thomas Wood/Netflix © 2023 - WSP00509.arw
Sex Education Season 4 (L to R) Gillian Anderson as Jean Milburn and Asa Butterfield as Otis Milburn in Sex Education Season 4. Cr. Thomas Wood/Netflix © 2023 - WSP00509.arw /

Get ready to say goodbye to your favorite characters on Sex Education, because the fourth installment is now streaming on Netflix and it marks the end of the popular dramedy. The series has been a huge hit for the streaming service, combining the hilarious awkwardness of being a teenager and the compelling emotions of growing up and getting older. The series follows protagonist Otis, a teenager who opens up a sex therapy clinic at school in the first season alongside his classmate, Maeve.

Otis is no stranger to sex therapy, as his mom, Jean, is a well-regarded sex therapist. He grew up in a household of sharing and talking about sex, which while cringe-worthy for him at times, also makes him pretty knowledgeable on the subject.

Jean, played by the wonderful Gillian Anderson, is without a doubt one of the best characters in the series. We’ve watched her navigate single motherhood, various romances, and parenting a teenager throughout the seasons, with all of the ups and downs that come with it. In the first season, Jean begins a relationship with a man named Jakob, but unfortunately, they don’t have a happy ever after. But when Jean finds out she’s pregnant by the end of season 2, fans are left to wonder if Jakob is the dad or not.

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Sex Education season 4.

A major mystery in Sex Education season 3 is who the father of Jean’s baby is after clues hint that it isn’t Jakob. Unfortunately, we don’t get our answer in the third season, but we do get it in the fourth!

Jean is going through it in Sex Education season 4 as a single mother raising her baby girl, Joy. She goes back to work after scoring a cool podcast show, but she realizes it’s not going to be so easy with a newborn. She struggles, a lot, and has to deal with her sister Joanna who comes to live with them for a bit. Though Joanna says she’s there just to help out with Joy, we find out later on that she’s actually in debt and doesn’t have anywhere to stay.

Who is the father of Jean’s baby in Sex Education?

To make matters even more complicated, we learn the identity of Jean’s baby’s father once Joanna starts dating him! Yep, awkward. No, Joy’s father isn’t Jakob, and it’s not Remi, either. It’s actually Dan, a recurring character in the show who Joanna meets in season 4 and takes a liking to. Jean informs Joanna about Dan and asks her not to date him, but Joanna doesn’t listen. This storyline ends at the conclusion of the show with Jean inviting Dan over to tell him the truth.

Who is Dan in Sex Education?

If you’ve watched the new season of Sex Education and are left wondering who Dan even is, don’t worry! He’s been a minor character in the show so we wouldn’t be surprised if fans don’t remember him. The character, played by Daniel Ings, first appears in season 1 after having a one-night stand with Jean. He has an awkward exchange with Otis in their home and shows up a few more times. It’s implied that Jean and Dan have a fling but it’s nothing more than physical.

It surely will be complicated for Jean, Joanna, and Dan to navigate their new normal — especially if Joanna and Dan continue dating. Unfortunately, we won’t find out what’s next for them as the show has come to a close, but I’m sure they can make the unconventional work.

Jakob does not make an appearance in Sex Education season 4, though I’m still rooting for him and Jean to work things out somehow, someday.

You can now watch all eight episodes of Sex Education season 4 on Netflix.

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