Sex Education season 4 release date, time, cast and everything we know so far

Sex Education S4 - Credit: Netflix
Sex Education S4 - Credit: Netflix /

Sex Education season 4 is officially coming in September 2023! We’re only a short time away from the new season on Netflix. The official trailer for Sex Education season 4 is here. Netflix shared the biggest look at the new season so far on Tuesday, Sept. 12, 2023.

We also shared everything you need to know about Sex Education season 4 below. We’re updating this story as most information becomes available. The latest update was on Tuesday, Sept. 12,  2023.

The third season of Sex Education premiered on Netflix in September 2021. Fans had to wait a super long time for the third season because of the pandemic, and unfortunately, it’s taken a long time for us to get the fourth as well. But finally, after nearly two years, we know when season 4 will be released!

Sex Education season 4 release date

Mark your calendars, because Sex Education season 4 will be released all at once on Thursday, Sept. 21, 2023.

Netflix had previously confirmed that Sex Education season 4 would be coming to the streaming service in the fall of 2023. So far, we already know that Virgin River season 5, Love is Blind season 5, and Top Boy season 3 are confirmed for September 2023. That’s going to be a pretty stacked month for Netflix.

What time is Sex Education season 4 on Netflix?

We all know the Sex Education season 4 release date, but most fans want to know when exactly Sex Education season 4 is coming to Netflix. We finally know when that will be.

Sex Education season 4 premieres on Netflix at 12:00 a.m. PT and 3:00 a.m. ET on Thursday, Sept. 21. Unfortunately, for fans in the UK, which is where the show is set, Sex Education season 4 will be available to stream at 8:00 a.m. BST on Sept. 21.

We also know there are a lot of Australians who love Sex Education. If you live in or around Sydney, Australia, you can watch Sex Education season 4 starting at 5:00 p.m. AEST. There are a few time zones in Australia, but you can figure out what time the show is available to stream based on how far away you live from Sydney.

Sex Education season 4 will be the final season

This won’t come as much of a surprise to fans of Sex Education, but along with the release date, Netflix shared that the fourth season will mark the end of the beloved comedy. While we’re sad to say goodbye to the show, we think any additional seasons beyond the fourth would just be too much. The characters are getting older and as we’ve seen with cast exits, the actors are ready to move on. Fingers crossed the fourth season wraps the show up with a great ending!

The creator of the series, Laurie Nunn, shared a letter announcing that season 4 would be the end, which you can read here:

Netflix Announces SEX EDUCATION Final Season Premiere Date
Netflix Announces SEX EDUCATION Final Season Premiere Date /

Sex Education season 4 filming wrapped in February 2023

Sex Education star Asa Butterfield took to Twitter in August 2022 to reveal that filming for the fourth season had begun! Check out his selfie below.

According to PopSugar, production for the fourth season wrapped in Feb. 2023. On Feb. 10, Sex Education star Aimee Lou Wood (Aimee Gibbs) posted flowers on her Instagram story along with a caption saying, “Wrap on season 4. Everyone has worked so hard. Thank you. Love you.” The day before, Ncuti Gatwa (Eric) posted a photo of his Sex Education trailer with his character’s name on it on his Instagram page with a caption reading, “Last day. Last time. Bye bubs, thank you for all the lessons and for all the strength.”

Sex Education star Chinenye Ezeudu (Vivienne Odusanya) posted a collage of photos of her on set of Sex Education season 4 on Instagram with a caption reading, “That’s a wrap – here are some of my favourite moments.”

Will Maeve be in Sex Education season 4?

Yes, Emma Mackey, who stars as Maeve in Sex Education, will return for season 4. As mentioned, this is the final season of the series, so it will be Mackey’s last go as Maeve, but it’s great for fans to get to see Maeve’s story continue.

Remember, at the end of the third season, Maeve leaves Moordale for an educational opportunity in America. There was a lot of speculation that Mackey would leave the series like many other stars of Sex Education. Mackey is back as Maeve in season 4, though!

Who won’t be in the Sex Education season 4 cast?

Expect to see some cast changes when Sex Education returns. Bridgerton star Simone Ashley has opted not to return for season 4. She played Olivia on the series and announced that she would not be returning during a visit to ITV’s This Morning. Patricia Allison also revealed she would also be exiting the series after three seasons. Allison played Otis’s friend Ola for three seasons. Tanya Reynolds, who plays Lily Iglehart, also confirmed she won’t be in season 4.

Sex Education season 4 cast

Netflix has confirmed the cast list for Sex Education season 4, and fortunately, many of our favorites will be back along with exciting new additions:

  • Asa Butterfield
  • Gillian Anderson
  • Ncuti Gatwa
  • Aimee-Lou Wood
  • Emma Mackey
  • Connor Swindells
  • Kedar Williams-Stirling
  • Mimi Keene
  • George Robinson
  • Chinenye Ezeudu
  • Dua Saleh
  • Alistair Petrie
  • Samantha Spiro
  • Jim Howick
  • Rakhee Thakrar
  • Daniel Ings.
  • Dan Levy
  • Thaddea Graham as O
  • Lisa McGrillis
  • Marie Reuther
  • Jodie Turner Smith
  • Eshaan Akbar
  • Felix Mufti
  • Anthony Lexa
  • Alexandra James
  • Reda Elazouar
  • Bella Maclean
  • Imani Yahshua

Schitt’s Creek fans are super excited that Dan Levy is joining the cast of Sex Education season 4. He will be playing Maeve’s tutor in the U.S. named Thomas. How fun!

Sex Education season 4 trailer

Netflix shared the official trailer for Sex Education season 4 on Tuesday, Sept. 12. There’s so much going on in the final season.

Netflix shared the first look teaser for the fourth season and it’s making us so excited for what’s to come. The kids are at a new school and are bound to cause some trouble! Check it out:

Netflix also teased the new season with a promo video of the cast.

Sex Education season 4 photos

Netflix has been sharing photos of Sex Education season 4 for about a year now, getting fans ready for what’s to come. We get a glimpse of Maeve at her new school in America, a picture of Jean’s baby, a shot of Adam having a sit-down conversation with his dad, and more. We also see a photo of Otis and Ruby together, making me wonder if they might reignite their romance now that Maeve is overseas. Look through all the available stills from the new season here!

Sex Education season 4
Sex Education Season 4 (L to R) Gillian Anderson as Jean Milburn and Asa Butterfield as Otis Milburn in Sex Education Season 4. Cr. Thomas Wood/Netflix © 2023 – WSP00509.arw /
Sex Education season 4
Sex Education Season 4 Emma Mackey as Maeve Wiley in Sex Education Season 4. Cr. Samuel Taylor/Netflix © 2023 – SexEd4_Day22_Ep401_ST-157.arw /
Sex Education season 4
Sex Education Season 4. Mimi Keene as Ruby Matthews in Sex Education Season 4. Cr. Samuel Taylor/Netflix © 2023 – SexEd4_Day22_Ep401_ST-139.arw /
Sex Education season 4
Sex Education Season 4. George Robison as Isaac Goodwin in Sex Education Season 4. Cr. Samuel Taylor/Netflix © 2023 /
Sex Education season 4
Sex Education Season 4. Dua Saleh as Cal Bowman in Sex Education Season 4. Cr. Samuel Taylor/Netflix © 2023 – SexEd4_Day39_Ep2_ST-53.arw /
Sex Education season 4
Sex Education Season 4. Kedar Williams-Stirling as Jackosn Marchetti and Chinenye Ezeudu as Vivian Odusanya in Sex Education Season 4. Cr. Samuel Taylor/Netflix © 2023 – SexEd4_Day63_Ep5_ST-106.arw /
Sex Education season 4
Sex Education Season 4 (L to R) Alistair Petrie as Michael Groff and Conor Swindells as Adam Groff in Sex Education Season 4. Cr. Samuel Taylor/Netflix © 2023 – SexEd4_Day47_Ep3_ST-3.arw /
Sex Education season 4
Sex Education season 4 /
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Dan Levy in Sex Education season 4 – Netflix /
Sex Education season 4 - Netflix shows
Sex Education S4 /
Netflix shows - Sex Education season 4
Sex Education S4 /

Sex Education season 4 synopsis

Check out the full synopsis for Sex Education season 4 below:

"“Following the closure of Moordale Secondary, Otis and Eric now face a new frontier — their first day at Cavendish Sixth Form College. Otis is nervous about setting up his new clinic, while Eric is praying they won’t be losers again. But Cavendish is a culture shock for all the Moordale students — they thought they were progressive but this new college is another level. There’s daily yoga in the communal garden, a strong sustainability vibe and a group of kids who are popular for being … kind?! Viv is totally thrown by the college’s student-led, non-competitive approach, while Jackson is still struggling to get over Cal. Aimee tries something new by taking an Art A Level and Adam grapples with whether mainstream education is for him. Over in the U.S., Maeve is living her dream at prestigious Wallace University, being taught by cult author Thomas Molloy. Otis is pining after her, while adjusting to not being an only child at home, or the only therapist on campus.”"

Will Ruby and Otis be together in Sex Education season 4?

It’s unclear what’s next for Ruby and Otis. Maeve and Otis got together at the end of season 4, but there are many questions about their relationship. Are they girlfriend-boyfreind? How will they handle the long-distance aspect of their relationship?

Based on the trailer for the new season, it looks like Ruby is going to school with Otis at the new progressive college he’s attending. Thanks to Tudum, we know it’s called Cavendish College, but the question remains if they will get back together or if Maeve and Otis are really endgame.

I don’t know, but I think there’s more to the Ruby-Otis relationship. This series doesn’t give me the impression that Otis and Maeve will end up together, based on how things have gone so far, but we’ll all find out together when the finale season airs on Sept. 21.

When does Sex Education season 4 take place?

Sex Education season 4 is skipping a few months ahead of the season 3 finale. It’s not like we’re picking up exactly where things left off.

Laurie Nunn, the creator of the series, explained to Tudum where the new season begins.

"“We have skipped forward in time a couple of months. Maeve is in America, which is where we left her on the bus, going off to study. The Moordale Secondary students are starting at a new school called Cavendish College, which is very different from Moordale. It’s very progressive and woke, and it makes the Moordale students feel like they’re little fish in a big pond.”"

Sounds like the drama won’t stop in Sex Education season 4!

Will there be a Sex Education spinoff?

Netflix has not announced any Sex Education spinoffs, but it would not be outside the realm to imagine another Sex Education series on Netflix. We’ve seen Netflix attempt a few spinoffs, prequels, and sequels to its shows and movies, so it’s definitely possible.

Nunn told Tudum that they would not rule out another series set in this world, although it probably would not feature any of the main characters from the first four seasons.

"“I’m definitely taking a break and thinking about other things. But Moordale is a really rich world, and writing about teenagers is always a lot of fun. So, I think that there’s always potential for more to be explored in that world.”"

Stay tuned for more news about the highly-anticipated season.

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