Murdaugh Murders: Where is Buster Murdaugh now?

Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal - Cr: Netflix
Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal - Cr: Netflix /

Netflix has a great track record of producing gripping, shocking, and sometimes straight-up frustrating true crime documentaries and series, and one of their latest is no different. The first season of Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal came out in Feb. 2023, and it begins with the death of a teenager named Mallory Beach who sadly passed away in a boating accident with friends in South Carolina. Paul Murdaugh was driving the boat while incredibly intoxicated, though his father Alex Murdaugh tried desperately to clear his son’s name.

After the success of the first season, along with real-life updates in the case of Alex Murdaugh, Netflix renewed the true crime docuseries for a second installment. Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal season 2 is now streaming.

Mallory Beach isn’t the only murder linked to the Murdaughs. In 2015, a teenager named Stephen Smith was found dead in the road and witnesses implied he might’ve had a relationship with the eldest Murdaugh son Buster, and in 2018, the Murdaugh family housekeeper Gloria Satterfield died from a head injury after allegedly falling down the front steps of the house.

In 2021, Paul Murdaugh and his mother Maggie were shot and killed, with Alex Murdaugh then going on trial for the murders. In March 2023, he was found guilty on four charges, including the murders of his wife and son.

All eyes have been on the family for years; now more than ever given the recent trial and the release of the Netflix docuseries. If you’re wondering what Buster Murdaugh is up to these days, we do have a new update.

Buster Murdaugh maintains Alex’s innocence in new special

In a Fox Nation special The Fall of the House of Murdaugh, which came out in late Aug. 2023, Buster gave an interview in which he weighed in on the murders and his father’s trial. As reported by the Independent, Buster denied any involvement in the murder of Stephen Smith, adding that he had nothing to do with him “on a physical level in any regard.” He also maintained his father’s innocence in the murders of his mom and brother, but despite this, still agreed he may be a psychopath:

"“I’m not prepared to sit here and say that it encompasses him as a whole, but I certainly think there are characteristics where you look at the manipulation and the lies and the carrying out of that such, and I think that’s a fair assessment.”"

Watch a clip from the special here:

Buster Murdaugh testified in court for Alex Murdaugh murder trial

Alex Murdaugh’s only surviving child took the stand on the morning of Feb. 21, 2023 according to People Magazine, and fought back tears when remembering the moment he found out his mother and brother had been killed. Buster claimed that his father was “heartbroken” and “destroyed” over the murders.

How old is Buster Murdaugh now?

Buster is currently 26 years old. He’s in a relationship with a woman named Brooklynn White, who’s said to have been close by his side throughout all of his father’s legal troubles. Buster seems to have an Instagram page, which you can see here, though it’s private. Considering all of the negative publicity his family’s had, it’s understandable that he doesn’t have a large social media presence.

Is Buster Murdaugh an attorney?

As people across the nation tuned in to watch Alex Murdaugh’s trial, many started to wonder what his son does for a living. Is he an attorney like his dad? Although Buster attended the University of South Carolina Law School, he was reportedly expelled for plagiarism in 2019. According to Distractify, it’s been reported that Alex paid the university $60,000 to try and get Buster readmitted, but it doesn’t look like he was ever welcomed back.

People Magazine reports Buster was working at Alex’s law firm, but we don’t have any recent updates on his career. That said, we can assume he’s not an attorney considering he has not finished law school.

We’ll be keeping up with all the latest Murdaugh family updates here at Netflix Life.

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