The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On season 2: Ryann McCracken age, relationship status, Instagram, and more

The Ultimatum 2. Ryann McCracken in Season 2 of The Ultimatum. Cr. Jackson Petty / Netflix © 2023
The Ultimatum 2. Ryann McCracken in Season 2 of The Ultimatum. Cr. Jackson Petty / Netflix © 2023 /

A brand new season of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On is available to stream on Netflix, and this season we’re introduced to five new couples on the brink of marriage or splitting up for good. One of the cast members we meet is Ryann McCracken.

Ryann joins the dating reality series with her boyfriend, James Morris. They are high school sweethearts and had been together for seven years at the time of filming The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On season 2.

They were the picture-perfect couple in high school with Ryann being prom queen and James a football player. They began dating at just 16 years old and have had their fair share of ups and downs in their relationship. Although their main issues are communication and trusting each other, Ryann still believes they’re meant to be with one another. She issues the ultimatum, so if James doesn’t see her as his wife by the end of the season, she’s officially done.

We’re looking forward to seeing if Ryann and James end up together at the end of the season. But while waiting for the finale and reunion, let’s get to know Ryann a little better.

The Ultimatum Ryann McCracken age

As of August 2023, Ryann is 24 years old. She was also 24 years old when filming the reality series. Her exact birthdate isn’t public knowledge, but she’s believed to have been born in September 1998. Her zodiac sign is also believed to be Virgo.

The Ultimatum Ryann McCracken relationship status

Ryann’s current relationship status is unknown. Although she enters the social experiment with James, that doesn’t mean she leaves the series still in a relationship with him. We won’t find out if they’re still together until the finale and reunion on Aug. 30. For now, Ryann’s relationship status is pending.

The Ultimatum Ryann McCracken Instagram

If you were looking for Ryann’s Instagram page, you can find her at the handle @ryanntaylorrrrr. She doesn’t have a huge following like some of her other castmates, but her follower count is expected to increase as more and more people watch her in The Ultimatum season 2.

The Ultimatum Ryann McCracken job

As reported by her Netflix bio, Ryann is a Radiologic Technologist.

Be sure to check out the second batch of episodes of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On season 2 on Netflix on Aug. 30 to see if Ryann ends up with James!

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