Are Heartstopper stars Joe Locke and Sebastian Croft dating in real life?

Sebastian Croft as Ben Hope
Sebastian Croft as Ben Hope /

As the countdown begins for Heartstopper season 3 following the August 2023 release of season 2, fans are still consumed by the Heartstopper cast. A question that keeps surfacing revolves around if two cast members are dating in real life. More specifically, people want to know if Joe Locke and Sebastian Croft are in a relationship. We had no problem getting to the bottom of this question.

Heartstopper follows two teens named Charlie and Nick (Joe Locke and Kit Connor), who meet at secondary school and quickly become close friends. Unexpectedly, their friendship blossoms into something much more, and they must learn how to navigate first love while also dealing with the ups and downs of school life.

Although the show centers around Charlie and Nick, there are several other characters who are introduced. Sebastian Croft plays Ben, a teen struggling with his sexuality and is often bullying Charlie. In season 2, there’s a reckoning for Ben as far as Charlie’s concerned, and their scene together is one of the best moments of catharsis in the series.

For now, let’s find out if the actors behind Charlie and Ben (Joe Locke and Sebastian Croft) are dating in real life.

Are Heartstopper’s Joe Locke and Sebastian Croft dating?

I hate to burst your bubble if you were hoping that Joe Locke and Sebastian Croft were dating. They’re very good friends, and that is all. Upon the release of season 1, there were rumors that the co-stars were dating, but neither Joe nor Sebastian have come out to confirm those rumors.

The rumors started when fans noticed that Joe and Sebastian posted photos with each other the most out of all the cast. There are two pictures in particular that had fans questioning their relationship status. One of those photos is on Joe Locke’s Instagram page. The photo shows Joe and Sebastian wearing matching jackets, but nothing in the picture shows that they could possibly be in a relationship. The other image is on Sebastian Croft’s Instagram page. The photo shows Joe and Sebastian hugging while smiling at the camera. Again, nothing in the picture points at them being a couple. In fact, it appears that Joe Locke and Sebastian Croft are both single.

When season 2 came around a little over a year after the debut season, the rumors surrounding the costars started heating up again. There are fan theories throughout the fandom about their alleged relationship and breakup and what might have gone down between them, but again, neither Locke nor Croft has spoken publicly about anything regarding each other. The pair recorded promotional videos with Kit Connor (prior to the actors’ strike) and all seemed well between them.

We will have to believe that Joe and Sebastian are single until they publicly speak on their relationship status or until more concrete evidence proves otherwise.

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