Is Ben (Sebastian Croft) leaving Heartstopper after season 2?

Sebastian Croft as Ben Hope
Sebastian Croft as Ben Hope /

Heartstopper season 2 has finally arrived on Netflix, and there are changes in store for our favorite (and least favorite) Truham-Higgs students. A big change could be coming for the show’s antagonist Ben, played by Sebastian Croft.

In the second season, Charlie and Nick are very much happy in their relationship, but Ben continues to be on the sidelines at school, on the Paris trip, and other places Charlie doesn’t really want to see him.

By the end of season 2, there’s a question of whether Sebastian Croft could be potentially leaving the series and not appear in Heartstopper season 3. What’s next for Ben? Here’s an explanation of what happens for him in season 2.

WARNING: Spoilers from Heartstopper season 2 ahead!

Is Ben leaving after Heartstopper season 2?

In Heartstopper season 2 episode 7, titled “Sorry,” Ben tracks Charlie down at Elle’s art exhibit to finally get Charlie to talk to him. Ben had been messaging Charlie and attempting to have a conversation, but Charlie was wisely avoiding him. It’s during this ambush chat at the art show that Ben reveals that he’s not returning to Truham for sixth form. Being so, it sounds like Ben and Sebastian Croft could be leaving Heartstopper.

Before getting into his apology Ben says, “If you really hate me after this, you’ll never see me again.” Obviously, before leaving to wherever he might be going, Ben wanted to properly apologize to Charlie for what he put him through and make things right before he leaves. However, Charlie doesn’t give him the satisfaction of accepting Ben’s apology to give him a clear conscience. Instead, Charlie challenges him to become a better person.

Within his apology, Ben admits that he really liked Charlie (and clearly still does) and wants to be out, but he knows that his parents wouldn’t be accepting of “who I really am.” Needless to say, the apology and bid for empathy doesn’t exactly work in his favor because Charlie has some things to say about consent, control, and how he negatively affected Charlie’s self-worth. Charlie deserved this moment of catharsis and confrontation, and it’s a solid reminder that apologies don’t have to be accepted.

Will Sebastian Croft be in Heartstopper season 3?

The last we see of Ben, he’s standing outside the Lambert school’s sign that says “Here and Queer.” An animated rainbow tide rushes up to Ben, but he steps back and away before it can reach him, signaling that he’s continuing to deny who he is. It’s a sad ending for Ben personally, but there’s also a fitting comeuppance for his behavior toward Charlie. The scene also suggests Sebastian Croft could leave the series and not be in the main cast for Heartstopper season 3.

Since this is a question derived from the series, we won’t include details from the books. After all, some details could be changed. But it seems as though Ben is leaving Truham on a hopeful yet bittersweet note. As Charlie tells him about changing his ways, he “doesn’t want to be there to see that happen.” Given that line, the rest of Ben’s story could be played off-screen. Maybe he could come back for a future appearance. We’ll confirm Ben and Croft’s fate as soon as it’s announced.

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