Purple Hearts 2, Enola Holmes 3, and 7 Netflix movie sequels that should happen

Purple Hearts. (L to R) Nicholas Galitzine as Luke, Sofia Carson as Cassie in Purple Hearts. Cr. Mark Fellman/Netflix © 2022.
Purple Hearts. (L to R) Nicholas Galitzine as Luke, Sofia Carson as Cassie in Purple Hearts. Cr. Mark Fellman/Netflix © 2022. /

When you watch a movie that you instantly love, it’s natural to want more from the story in a sequel — especially when the door has been left open for another chapter. Oftentimes, hit movies have the chance to continue with a sequel or two, but some franchises come to an unexpected end, while others don’t even get off the ground.

Netflix isn’t a stranger to giving the green light to movie sequels, with trilogies, spinoffs, sequels, and franchises arriving for a select few of its most popular and fan-favorite original movies. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, Extraction, The Princess Switch, and The Gray Man are just a handful of the many, many Netflix movies with sequels and/or budding franchises.

Purple Hearts 2 and more Netflix movies that should have sequels

But what about sequels for Purple Hearts and Heart of Stone? Extending the franchises for 365 Days and A Christmas Prince? Plenty of Netflix movies deserve a sequel — or more sequels — and were’s sharing a few of the most deserving, beginning below with Purple Hearts 2.

Purple Hearts - Nicholas Galitzine - Sofia Carson - Purple Hearts 2 - Netflix movie sequels
Purple Hearts. (L to R) Sofia Carson as Cassie, Nicholas Galitzine as Luke in Purple Hearts. Cr. Mark Fellman/Netflix © 2022. /

Purple Hearts 2

By far one of the most popular Netflix movies of 2022, and one of the most popular Netflix movies of all time, the page-to-screen romantic drama Purple Hearts appeared to be an obvious contender for a sequel. Even though it’s based on a book, and there’s only one book, why can’t Cassie and Luke’s love story continue beyond the first movie?

Since the release of the movie in July 2022, Purple Hearts 2 has been a constant topic of conversation, with stars Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine offering takes and expressing interest in returning for another movie. As of August 2023, Netflix has not put a sequel into development, but based on the fan demand alone, it shouldn’t be off the table.

Enola Holmes 2 - Netflix movie sequels
Enola Holmes 2. Millie Bobby Brown as Enola Holmes. Cr. Alex Bailey/Netflix © 2022 /

Enola Holmes 3

Two movies in, it’s kind of crazy that Netflix hasn’t already greenlit another Enola Holmes movie. The first title premiered in 2020, forgoing a traditional theatrical release by Warner Bros. during the pandemic in favor of a drop on Netflix. Two years later, Enola Holmes 2 debuted to positive reception and high viewership numbers. So, where’s the third one?

Netflix hasn’t put Enola Holmes 3 into development as of August 2023, likely due in part to the busy schedule of star Millie Bobby Brown. Of course, she’s the star of Stranger Things, as well as the upcoming Netflix movies Damsel and The Electric State. Now that those movies have wrapped, perhaps it should be Enola’s time to shine. There are plenty of novels to pull from, after all…

A Christmas Prince movies on Netflix, A Christmas Prince
A Christmas Prince – Credit: Netflix /

A Christmas Prince 4

Who doesn’t love an extra dose of romantic comedy during the Christmas season? After A Christmas Prince premiered in 2017 on Netflix, we watched for three consecutive years as an American journalist dated, married, and had a baby with a prince… all during Christmastime! You’d think a trilogy was enough, and to Netflix it seems to be, but fans of the movies are still interested in returning to Aldovia for another romantic, holiday-centric fourth movie.

Netflix movies - Heart of Stone - Netflix movie sequels
Heart of Stone – Gal Gadot as Rachel Stone in Heart Of Stone. Cr. Robert Viglasky/Netflix © 2023. /

Heart of Stone 2

The action-thriller starring Gal Gadot premiered on Netflix in August 2023, and quickly ranked in the peak of the top 10. Although the movie struggled to connect with critics, Heart of Stone clearly connected with audiences and made a case for a sequel or franchise expansion. The film’s director hoped as much prior to the movie’s release, and considering Gadot has been in and will be in (ahem, Red Notice…) her fair share of sequels, this one seems lie a no-brainer.

365 Days: This Day – Cr. Netflix/Karolina Grabowska
365 Days: This Day – Cr. Netflix/Karolina Grabowska /

365 Days 4

In the shadows of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy came 365 Days, the Netflix erotic thriller film series that gained intense popularity upon its June 2020 release. In spite of universally negative reviews from critics, its high viewership resulted in two sequels, 365 Days: This Day and The Next 365 Days, both released in 2022.

Currently, it seems as though the steamy film saga has come to an end, but one of the movie’s stars has sparked interest in coming back for a fourth movie. It’s enough to get fans excited, but nothing has been made official just yet. However, given the popularity of the movies, Netflix should definitely consider one last movie.

The School for Good and Evil
THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL. (L to R) Sofia Wylie as Agatha, Michelle Yeoh as Professor Anemone and Kerry Washington as Professor Dovey in The School For Good And Evil. Cr. Gilles Mingasson / Netflix © 2022 /

The School for Good and Evil 2

The School for Good and Evil premiered on Netflix in October 2022, and it’s one of the Netflix movies just begging for a sequel. Although reception was mixed from both critics and fans of the books, the movie performed well and looked to be heading in the right direction as far as a sequel is concerned. Paul Feig, the movie’s director, teased a potential sequel, but almost one year later, no word on another movie has come from Netflix. But with its star power, source material, and excellent storytelling, a sequel deserves to happen sometime in the future.

The Monkey King - netflix
THE MONKEY KING – (L-R) LIN (voiced by Jolie Hoang-Rappaport) and MONKEY KING (Jimmy O. Yang). Cr: Netflix © 2023 /

The Monkey King 2

It goes without saying that the genre that receives sequels most often is children’s animation. Just think of the Despicable Me movies, the Trolls movies, the Toy Story movies, the Kung-Fu Panda movies, and the list could go on and one. Netflix’s most recent animated film, The Monkey King, proved a big hit with the family-friendly audience and could continue to prove itself with sequels. Fingers crossed!

Do Revenge - best Netflix movies
DO REVENGE – (L-R) Maya Hawke as Eleanor and Camila Mendes as Drea in Do Revenge. Cr. Kim Simms/Netflix © 2022. /

Do Revenge 2

You’re probably thinking, “Do Revenge doesn’t need a sequel!” But hear us out here. Sure, there are other Netflix movie sequels that would be more straightforward, and you never want to mess with the classics. (Yes, Do Revenge is a modern teen classic! They’re rare, but they exist.) As hard as it might be to capture the magic again, it’s totally doable. Camila Mendes and Maya Hawke doing revenge again with a punchy script and stylized direction from Jennifer Kaytin Robinson? Sign us up!

What other Netflix movie sequels need to happen?

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