Mech Cadets season 2: Will there be another season on Netflix?

Mech Cadets: Season 1. Cr. NETFLIX © 2023
Mech Cadets: Season 1. Cr. NETFLIX © 2023 /

Mech Cadets season 1 arrived on Netflix on Aug. 10, and most people have already made their way through all 10 episodes seeing as though they’re not that long. Now, they’re left wondering if there will be more episodes released at a later date. We shared everything we know about a potential Mech Cadets season 2 below.

Mech Cadets is a kid animated series from Boom! Studios and Polygon Pictures. Additionally, it’s based on the popular comic book series Mech Cadet Yu by Greg Pak and Takeshi Miyazawa.

The show follows a teenager and the rest of his comrades as they join forces with giant robots from outer space to defend Earth against alien invaders.

Brandon Soo Hoo voices the main character, Stanford Yu. The rest of the voice cast is made up of Daniel Dae Kim, Ming-Na Wen, Debra Wilson, Aparna Brielle, Victoria Grace, and others.

Is Mech Cadets season 2 happening?

As of Aug. 14, Netflix has not announced if there will be a Mech Cadets season 2. But this isn’t necessarily surprising because the first season just recently dropped. The streamer doesn’t usually announce a new show’s renewal so close to its premiere. It usually waits to see how many watch a show in a certain time frame before coming to a decision. If a lot of people tune in and watch the first season, Netflix will most likely give the show another go with a second season.

Based on how the first season ends, there’s definitely more story that could be told in a Mech Cadets season 2. Netflix just needs to give the green light. We’ll definitely keep you posted on the show’s renewal status, so stay tuned to Netflix Life!

Does Mech Cadets season 2 have a release date?

Since Mech Cadets season 2 hasn’t been announced by Netflix or the show’s creative team, there’s obviously no release date for a second season. However, if the streaming giant were to announce the show’s renewal soon, we could possibly see it return sometime in 2024. This is just a release prediction, though. A potential second season could come out later than 2024. But before any of this can happen, we need Netflix to give the go-ahead for a Mech Cadets season 2 first.

If Netflix does decide to renew Mech Cadets for a second season, you can definitely count on us to keep you updated with everything you need to know.

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