Jesus Revolution and 3 best Netflix movies to watch (and 2 to skip) this weekend, August 2

Hilary Swank, Michael Ealy on the set of FATALE. Photo By: Scott Everett White
Hilary Swank, Michael Ealy on the set of FATALE. Photo By: Scott Everett White /

Since it’s the first week of a new month, several movies have just been added to Netflix’s catalog, including a few Fast & Furious films, Friends with Benefits, No Strings Attached, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Eat Pray Love, and more!

Meanwhile, Netflix movies like They Cloned Tyrone, Happiness for Beginners, and Miraculous Ladybug & Cat Noir: The Movie continue to hold down the Top 10.

Some great Netflix movies are available to subscribers this week, including the 2023 film Jesus Revolution, which was recently added to the platform. If you missed it in theaters, now is your chance to watch it! Below we’ve curated a list of films worth watching and a few you can skip.

Best Netflix movies to watch this weekend, August 2

Jesus Revolution

Watch! This Christian drama film based on the autobiographical book of the same name, co-written by Greg Laurie and Ellen Santilli Vaughn, didn’t fare as well with critics. Still, audiences have been almost unanimous in their praise.

Inspired by the real-life movement, Jesus Revolution follows one hippie’s (Joel Courtney) quest for peace, love, and liberation in the 1970s, only for him to set a counterculture—the Jesus Movement—into motion that would go on to make history.

Untold: Jake Paul the Problem Child

Skip! I’m not sure who was clamoring for a Jake Paul documentary, but that’s what we got in Netflix’s latest batch of Untold films. Paul takes center stage in this doc to chronicle how he went from being an infamous online prankster to a professional boxer. If you’re a fan of Paul, you might get something out of this, but most of us would rather see less of that guy than more.


Watch! Hilary Swank and Michael Ealy star in this erotic thriller from 2020 that just got added to Netflix recently. Ealy plays a successful sports agent who discovers that the sexy woman he had a one-night stand with (Swank) might ruin his life after she entangles him in an ongoing police investigation.

The script isn’t great, but Fatale is better than many other erotic thrillers released lately. It’s a fun, soapy Saturday night kind of film if you don’t have much else to watch!


Skip! This sci-fi dystopian film is the German version of that 2011 movie starring Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried. In Time wasn’t very good, and this one isn’t either. The central plot follows a manipulative biotech company that allows people to exchange years of their life to pay off bills. A man working for the company is horrified when his wife loses 40 years to wipe out her debt.

The Wife

Watch! You can’t go wrong with a movie starring acclaimed actress Glenn Close. The Wife is a 2017 drama that flew under the radar for the most part when it was first released. Close was nominated for an Academy Award for her riveting performance as the wife of a successful novelist on the verge of winning the Nobel Prize in Literature. She also won a Golden Globe for her work in this film.

Joan Castleman (Close) has stood by her intelligent and heavily lauded husband, Professor Joseph Castleman (Jonathan Pryce), for over 40 years. Still, as Joseph inches closer to his crowning achievement, Joan starts reconsidering all the betrayals, secrets, and compromises they’ve kept hidden over the decades.

Did you get the chance to catch Jesus Revolution in theaters? Which Netflix movies will you be watching (or skipping) this weekend?

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