Who dies in The Witcher season 3? (All deaths in The Witcher season 3)

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Death is a big part of the dark fantasy world of The Witcher. Every season so far has seen notable characters viciously murdered or killed off, and the third season is no different. The Witcher season 3 features several deaths, some important and some not so much.

Major spoilers ahead for The Witcher season 3 part 2

There are a couple of notable deaths in the first half of The Witcher season 3. Thankfully, none of the major characters are killed off, so if you came here because you’re concerned about Yennefer, Geralt, Ciri, or Jaskier, then I can assure you that you’re in the clear.

Scroll to the bottom if you’re curious to see who dies in part 2, specifically.

But even though the big players are safe, that doesn’t mean everyone makes it out of The Witcher season 3 alive. There are still several fatalities, that number increases quite a bit in the second half of the season.

All of the significant deaths in The Witcher season 3 part 1

One of the first deaths of the season is Francesca’s brother, Gage. Gage is killed during the battle at Shaerrawedd. You can’t help but feel bad for Francesca, who has now lost at least two family members, her child, and her brother.

Another death in this season is King Vizimir’s wife, Queen Hedwig. Dijkstra and Philippa orchestrate her death and then send her head to the king as a way to turn him against Nilfgaard.

However, perhaps the most shocking death of the season goes to newcomer Gallatin, a Scoia’tael warrior played by Robbie Amell. Cahir murders Gallatin in a dramatic scene despite the two recently becoming allies. But Cahir acts on Emhyr’s orders and murders Gallatin to prove himself to the emperor.

Codringher and Fenn are also apparently killed in the new season after Rience sets their home on fire, leaving them to burn. At least he saves their cat, I guess? And the royal messenger Aplegatt also meets a violent end when he takes an arrow to the neck while riding to deliver a message on Dijkstra’s orders, just like Ciri’s vision foretold.

Yennefer is forced to kill one of Dominik Bombastus Houvenaghel’s men when Ciri frees his prisoner. The character doesn’t appear to be super important, but as Yennefer warns Ciri, his death will lead to retribution from Houvenaghel, who will force the townsfolk to pay in blood and coin. It might become a critical moment in the future.

Finally, there are several unnamed Aretuza novices murdered by the season’s big bad. In an early episode, Geralt fights one of the show’s most gruesome monsters ever. The villain of the season experiments on several novices and discards their bodies, where they melt and stick together to form a giant fleshy abomination.

All of the significant deaths in The Witcher season 3 part 2

Several important people died in the second half of The Witcher season 3! Let’s go over the main deaths right here.

  • Geralt and Yennefer work together to kill the fire mage Rience.
  • A bunch of people die during the Thanedd coup, including several mages.
  • Tissaia kills Francesca’s husband Filavandrel during the battle.
  • Fringilla kills her uncle, Artorius, to keep him from hurting Francesca.
  • Philippa orchestrates King Vizimir‘s murder.
  • Blaming herself for the Thanedd coup, Tissaia commits suicide.
  • Ciri takes her first human life, an unnamed bounty hunter.

A few characters have their fate left up in the air. Lydia tries to kill Yennefer during the coup, but Triss arrives in time to stop her. It’s unclear if Lydia survived.

Similarly, Philippa stops the mage Artaud from killing (or at least tormenting) Dijkstra, but he might not be dead. Istredd got thrown into a portal to who-knows-where (probably somewhere in Nilfgaard) by Vilgefortz along with the Book of Monoliths but 99.9% sure he’s not dead.

All episodes of The Witcher season 3 are now on Netflix.

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