What did Cal do in Sweet Magnolias? (Sweet Magnolias season 2 ending explained)

Sweet Magnolias. Justin Bruening as Cal in episode 306 of Sweet Magnolias. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Sweet Magnolias. Justin Bruening as Cal in episode 306 of Sweet Magnolias. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

The new season of Sweet Magnolias has arrived on Netflix and fans have wasted no time in jumping right into the show’s highly anticipated third season!

While it’s been close to a year and a half since season 2 was released on Netflix last February, only a few hours have passed in Serenity with the new season picking up right where the previous season left off. The great part about this is we get to see the immediate fallout from the season 2 finale, but the downside is that not much recapping is done before the previous season’s events to help them fill in the gaps.

Instead, the characters dive right back into things and make more general references to the events of the previous season without directly reminding audiences who didn’t go back to rewatch season 2 what exactly went down.

What happened at the end of Sweet Magnolias season 2

In the Sweet Magnolias season 2 finale, things go from bad to worse for Cal as he finds himself in quite a predicament as the season ends. Ahead of the finale, Mary Vaughn used the information she had on Cal to get him fired and we eventually learn that this information was connected to a past arrest for assault and battery.

As we learn early in the season 2 finale, after Cal’s injury that ended his baseball career, he began to spiral and entered a dark place. Luckily, he had friends who pulled him out of it and he’s been working on his anger management since but the demons of his past have finally caught up with him and come back to haunt him.

While still reeling from being fired, Cal’s temper gets the best of him in the final moments of the season in a heated exchange that unfolds at Sullivan’s.

In the season 2 finale, a fan who Cal met earlier in the season at a fundraiser event, shows up at Sullivan’s and makes a scene about wanting to come to Cal’s rescue and do anything he needs to help Cal get his job back. Cal’s attempt to defuse the situation fails and Dana Sue ends up calling the cops which is when the fan begins to become more unhinged.

After he attempts to lay his hands on Maddie, Cal punches the man and has him pinned just as the cops arrive, and arrest Cal — not the man who Dana Sue initially called the cops on.

Who did Cal punch in Sweet Magnolias?

In the season 2 finale of Sweet Magnolias, the man who confronts Cal and gets in a fight with him is a man named Stu. We meet him during the eighth episode at a fundraiser event when he approaches Cal to ask for an autograph.

During the encounter, Stu tells Cal about how much he means to him and brings up a memory of attending a game with his dad prior to his passing. He’s very complimentary of Cal and thanks him for giving him that memory with his dad. Cal sympathizes with having lost his dad recently too, which seems to give Stu a false sense of connection which leads him to track Cal down at Sullivan’s ready to fight for him after learning he was fired.

Sweet Magnolias is streaming now on Netflix!

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