Sweet Magnolias season 2 recap: 5 key things to remember ahead of season 3

Sweet Magnolias. (L to R) Justin Bruening as Cal Maddox, Joanna Garcia Swisher as Maddie Townsend in episode 210 of Sweet Magnolias. Cr. Steve Swisher/Netflix © 2021
Sweet Magnolias. (L to R) Justin Bruening as Cal Maddox, Joanna Garcia Swisher as Maddie Townsend in episode 210 of Sweet Magnolias. Cr. Steve Swisher/Netflix © 2021 /

Sweet Magnolias season 3 has finally arrived on Netflix, with the long-awaited follow-up season premiering on Thursday, July 20.

After waiting more than a year for the next season of Sweet Magnolias, fans have at long last been reunited with Maddie Townsend, Dana Sue Sullivan, Helen Decatur, and all of their career, family, and relationship drama in their beloved small town of Serenity.

Sweet Magnolias season 2 left us with a number of game-changing cliffhangers, this time with a huge unanswered proposal, a shocking arrest, and some loose ends with a vengeful person from the Sweet Magnolias’ past.

As you prepare to return to Serenity for the show’s third season, here are four key moments from season 2 which you’ll want to remember!

Warning: Major spoilers from Sweet Magnolias season 2 ahead!

Who ends up together in Sweet Magnolias season 2?

First things first, let’s talk about romance! There are a fair amount of couplings at the end of Sweet Magnolias season 2 that appear to be sailing smoothly. Maddie and Cal are going strong — at least for the time being, but we’ll get into that in a moment.

Dana Sue and Ronnie have officially reconciled, though we’re wondering if anyone happened to tell farmer Jeremy. Annie and Jackson are opting to defy his overbearing mother and date, as Kyle and Nellie do exactly the same thing. On the other hand, Helen’s love life got so much more complicated.

Why was Cal arrested in Sweet Magnolias?

More than anything, the second season of Sweet Magnolias saw the deconstruction of Cal Maddox as we got to know the character on a more intimate level at the same pace as Maddie. We learned about his past, including his history of anger and its repercussions.

Cal becomes a casualty of Maddie’s political pushback in Serenity as the Sweet Magnolias sought to recall Mayor Lewis. In retaliation, the mayor’s wife, Mary Vaughn, effectively gets Cal fired as coach. Later on, Mary Vaughn threatens to leak his past arrest for assault and battery.

While that bit of information comes as a shock to Maddie, nothing could be more shocking than watching her boyfriend get into a fight in the middle of Sullivan’s. Dana Sue calls the cops on the man provoking Cal, but it’s Cal that winds up heading toward the back of a police car as the season ends.

What happened to Miss Frances?

Heading into the second season, everyone’s biggest fear was losing a beloved member of the community as a result of the car accident that occurred in the season 1 finale. When everyone made it out of the accident alive, we all breathed a sigh of relief and assumed death would not be knocking on anyone’s door in the season. Sadly, we were incorrect.

While enjoying a night out with the Magnolias and friends, Miss Frances collapses and we later learn she passed away from unspecified causes. As the season ends, the town comes together to celebrate the life and legacy of Miss Frances, which serves as a reminder of just how precious time is. It also leads her nephew Ryan to make a potentially life-altering decision.

Ryan proposes to Helen

Throughout Sweet Magnolias season 2, Helen’s personal life endured some ups and downs. Just when she started opening herself up to a relationship with Erik, Ryan suddenly returned to stir the pot. Not only does he tell Helen that he’s ready to have a baby, he proposes.

The moment came out of no where as it had seemed Ryan and Helen were done for good, but clearly the death of Miss Frances opened Ryan’s eyes on what really matters in life.

Who is Kathy in Sweet Magnolias?

If you’re confused about what’s going down with Serenity’s version of Gossip Girl and who’s coming at the Sweet Magnolias for revenge, you’re not alone. It’s because it’s not entirely explained.

In the season 2 finale, Ty shows Maddie a new post on the Serenity Secrets account on Instagram, which features a video of a woman named Kathy slashing the tire of the Sullivan’s delivery truck. Maddie, Dana Sue, and Helen appear to know this woman from their past.

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