Bird Box Barcelona ending explained: What are the entities in Bird Box Barcelona?


After approximately five years, a new entry into Netflix’s frightening Bird Box universe has been released! Bird Box Barcelona introduces us to a new setting and new characters up against the same terrifying threat that Sandra Bullock and her kids faced in the 2018 film based on Josh Malerman’s novel of the same name.

Major spoilers ahead for Bird Box Barcelona

Do you have questions about what happened at the end of Bird Box Barcelona? Below we’re going over all the major twists and breaking down the film’s ending.

Bird Box Barcelona ending explained

At the end of the movie, Sebastián has a change of heart and chooses to help Claire and Sofia rather than try to kill them.

By this point, Claire is terrified of Sebastián now that she’s realized he’s responsible for killing everyone in her group, but he convinces her that he’s not going to harm her or Sofia and, since he is unaffected, can safely escort them to the gondola station where they can escape to Montjuïc.

As Claire and Sofia escape into the gondola, Sebastián is forced to confront Padre Esteban, the priest who started him on this journey when he killed Anna. Sebastián and Esteban get into a violent fight resulting in both of their deaths.

Thankfully, Claire and Sofia make it to the castle, where Sofia is reunited with her mother.

Who are the seers in Bird Box Barcelona?

Sebastián, Esteban, and the other members of Esteban’s cult-like following are called “seers” because they are immune to the effects of the mysterious entities causing people to commit suicide.

However, even though they don’t kill themselves like other people, seers still seem to be affected in some way by the entities, as every seer we meet attempts to violently indoctrinate other people by forcing them to remove their blindfolds or opening their eyes by force to make them look at the entities.

In the film’s final scenes, Claire gets bloodwork done at the castle, and they tell her they’re using the seer’s blood to try and create a cure or a vaccine to make people immune. We see scientists inject seer blood into lab rats and then expose them to a captured entity to test how long they can survive.

Why does Sebastián kill people?

When the movie starts, it looks like we’ll be following Sebastián and his daughter Anna as they try to survive. But instead, we soon learn that Anna died and Sebastián is a seer who believes the “entities” are angels.

They manipulate him into seeing a spectral vision of his daughter, who constantly tells Sebastián to bring more people outside and make them see the entities. She promises they will be reunited when Sebastián’s mission is done. In an early scene, Sebastián drives a busload of people outside of their refuge and kills all of them by making them look at the entities.

What are the entities in Bird Box Barcelona?

We still don’t have a firm answer on what, exactly, the entities, or creatures are in the Bird Box universe, but some people believe they are angels and that humans aren’t equipped to see them in their true form, which is why they ultimately die.

What are the orbs of light that emerge from victims when they die?

Whenever someone kills themselves after seeing the creatures, Sebastián notices a golden orb of light exit their body and believes it to be their soul ascending. But when his faith is shaken, Sebastián stops seeing the orbs, indicating that they are yet another manipulation.

Why does Sebastián have a change of heart?

Being with Claire and Sofia seems to remind Sebastián of his real wife and daughter. He starts to second-guess what the ghostly vision of Anna has been telling them. He ultimately realizes that he might not be the chosen shepherd like he initially believed and, in fact, could just be a pawn used for malevolent purposes.

Bird Box Barcelona is now streaming on Netflix.

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