Quarterback Netflix rating: What is the docuseries rated?

Quarterback on Netflix
Quarterback on Netflix /

The latest docuseries on Netflix to become a huge hit exists within the world of football. Quarterback gives football fans unprecedented access to three of the biggest quarterbacks in the NFL. For those will young football fans, you might want to know the show’s age rating.

Netflix’s debut partnership with the NFL has resulted in Quarterback, the eight-episode docuseries that follows Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins, and Marcus Mariota throughout the entire 2022 season. The NFL allowed the players to be microphoned while playing games, giving football fans a new perspective to the game.

Between the huddles with their teams to their off-field lives at home with their families, Quarterback is the ultimate behind-the-scenes look at some of the best and most talked about quarterbacks on the field right now.

But who in your household will be able to enjoy this exciting and first-of-its-kind look inside the NFL on Netflix? Here’s the essential Quarterback Netflix rating and parents guide explanation!

Quarterback Netflix rating and parents guide

According to its official page on Netflix, Quarterback is rated TV-MA, which means the NFL docuseries has been designated for mature audiences. Netflix’s reason for this particular age rating has to do with the language used within the eight episodes.

For those curious, the language used by the players in the series is coarse, with the work “f-ck” being prominent on and off the field. Beyond the language, there’s no nudity or violence featured in the documentary series for parents to watch out for around kids.

With that in mind, Quarterback might not be the best choice to watch with the littlest football fans in your household. However, as long as a parental figure is watching along with children who are fans of these quarterbacks and don’t mind the language, parts of the series should be okay for them to check out.

All eight episodes of Quarterback are now available to watch only on Netflix.

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