How will your favorite Netflix shows be impacted by the writers and actors strike?

Wednesday. Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in episode 107 of Wednesday. Cr. Vlad Cioplea/Netflix © 2022
Wednesday. Jenna Ortega as Wednesday Addams in episode 107 of Wednesday. Cr. Vlad Cioplea/Netflix © 2022 /

Well, it’s official, another writer’s strike has been underway since May 2, and on July 13, the actors joined them. If things are anything like they were during the 2007-2008 writers’ strike, we will see a significant impact across broadcast, cable, and streaming—although some places will be hit harder than others.

Some shows might be significantly delayed or canceled depending on how long the strike lasts. Those around during the previous strike remember what it was like to see some of our top shows shortened and some excellent shows lost to us forever (RIP Pushing Daisies).

But sadly, this writers’ strike has been a long time coming because writers have been getting the short end of the stick for years. Streaming ushered in a new way for television to do things, but while so much has changed in the streaming era, writers have been squeezed out of the deals, receiving middling to low compensation for their hard work. It’s possible the latest writers’ strike could go on even longer than the previous one, which lasted 100 days.

The Writers Guild of America is now on strike, as as in the Screen Actors Guild, meaning a work stoppage is in place and widespread. Some networks have been preparing for this moment, banking scripts ahead of time, while others have opted to play fast and loose to see what happens next.

If you’ve been anxiously waiting for some of your favorite Netflix shows to return, here’s what we know about how the writer’s strike will impact some of them.

How will the writers and actors strike impact Netflix?

Out of all the other streaming services, Netflix seems to be in okay territory to hold down the fort for several months. Netflix already produces and licenses a significant amount of foreign content, so expect to see more in the coming months, as the WGA strike won’t impact international programming.

Additionally, Netflix has many shows banked, both scripted and unscripted, and should be able to continue releasing new content for a while before we start to see a significant drop-off. As TVLine notes in their piece on the writers’ strike, it’ll be interesting to see if this convinces Netflix to test a weekly release model to stretch content across thin months. However, now that SAG is on strike, actors will not be able to promote work that’s set to be released during the strike.

Stranger Things season 5 status

One show fans are most nervous about is Stranger Things season 5. Many were already disheartened by the significant delay between season 3 and season 4, and it seemed like there wouldn’t be as long of a wait between season 4 and the fifth and final season.

That might no longer be the case. The Stranger Things writing room has been hard at work for months now, and previous comments and tweets seem to indicate that the writing is done, or at least the bulk of it. Filming was planned to begin in May/June 2023, but the writers’ strike prevented production to began. Now with an additional strike, the release date could potentially be delayed to late 2024 at the very earliest or even well into 2025.

Bridgerton season 3 status

Bridgerton season 3 wrapped filming on its third season in March 2023, which means it has been in post-production since. It shouldn’t be affected by the strikes and has been set for a release later on in 2023. If the strikes persist for the rest of the year, the cast won’t be able to promote the season. We’ll have to wait and see what happens for Bridgerton season 3’s release.

Wednesday season 2 status

One of the biggest new hit Netflix shows, Wednesday’s highly anticipated second season likely won’t be arriving any time soon. Fresh off its multiple Emmy nominations, including one for star Jenna Ortega, Wednesday season 2 has not started filming and likely will not begin until after the strikes have been resolved.

Virgin River season 5 status

Virgin River season 5 wrapped filming last year and has been confirmed for released in fall 2023. The season will reportedly premiere in September, though the cast likely will not be able to promote the season if the strike lasts through fall. On the other hand, Virgin River season 6 will be heavily impacted and delayed by both strikes. Don’t expect season 6 until well into 2024 or later depending on how long the strikes last.

The Umbrella Academy season 4
The Umbrella Academy. (L to R) Tom Hopper as Luther Hargreeves, Elliot Page as Viktor Hargreeves in The Umbrella Academy. Cr. Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix © 2022 /

The Umbrella Academy season 4 status

The Umbrella Academy only started filming its fourth and final season in February 2023, so they probably aren’t finished with the season yet. It’s hard to say how it will be affected by the writers’ and actors’ strikes, but expect delays.

Cobra Kai season 6 status

Production on Cobra Kai‘s sixth and final season has officially stopped for now. Showrunner Jon Hurwitz informed Twitter fans that it’s “pencils down” in the writer’s room. The sixth season is expected to be delayed.

Emily in Paris season 4 status

Filming on Emily in Paris season 4 was expected to begin by the end of summer or early fall but was delayed to the end of fall, provided the strike would be resolved. Now that SAG is on strike as well, it’s looking like cameras will not start rolling on season 4 much before 2024, heavily delaying Emily in Paris.

More Netflix shows delayed by the writers’ and actors’ strikes

Here’s a list of Netflix shows expected to be delayed in release due to the dual strikes occurring in Hollywood:

  • The Night Agent season 2
  • The Diplomat season 2
  • The Recruit season 2
  • XO, Kitty season 2
  • FUBAR season 2
  • That ’90s Show season 2
  • Ginny & Georgia season 3
  • Heartstopper season 3
  • Outer Banks season 4
  • The Watcher season 2
  • Monsters season 2
  • You season 5

There are plenty of other popular Netflix shows to consider, but for now, these are some of the most popular shows people are waiting to return. Which Netflix shows are you most concerned about in light of the writers’ and actors’ strikes? Stay tuned to Netflix Life for additional details!

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