Netflix is adding 21 new movies and shows this week (July 9, 2023)

Survival of the Thickest. Michelle Buteau as Mavis in Survival of the Thickest. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023
Survival of the Thickest. Michelle Buteau as Mavis in Survival of the Thickest. Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2023 /

A new week is here, and with it comes many new movies and shows to Netflix. The new additions coming this week include a new sports docu-series, a new baking show, and a new Netflix Original series.

Quarterback is Netflix’s latest sports docu-series. The show follows three quarterbacks: Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins, and Marcus Mariota. It follows them over the 2022 season, which means it will also show the Super Bowl where Patrick Mahomes wins. The series comes to Netflix on Wednesday, July 12, 2023.

Take a look at the trailer for the series here:

This week also brings Sugar Rush: The Baking Point. The baking competition show is back, the Spanish version, that is. The show follows six baking couples who will have to bake as fast as they can to make something delicious that will impress the judges. One couple will be eliminated at the end of each episode until only one pair is left to claim the million-dollar prize. The show heads to Netflix on Wednesday, July 12.

Survival of the Thickest and Quarterback on Netflix this week

Probably one of the biggest shows coming this week is Survival of the Thickest! The show hits Netflix on Thursday, July 13, and stars Michelle Buteau, Tasha Smith, Tone Bell, and Anissa Felix and follows Mavis who finds herself needing to rebuild her life after she committed it completely to one man who ends up cheating on her. Now, she is determined to get her life back and thrive with the help of her friends.

Check out the trailer for the new series here:

This week also brings Bird Box Barcelona, Five Star Chef, and Too Hot Too Handle season 5 on Friday, July 14.

July 10

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie
StoryBots: Answer Time season 2
Unknown: Killer Robots

July 11

Nineteen to Twenty

July 12

Mr. Car and the Knights Templar
Record of Ragnarok season 2: Episodes 11-15
Sugar Rush: The Baking Point

July 13

Burn the House Down
Devil’s Advocate
Puss in Boots: The Last Wish
Sonic Prime season 2
Survival of the Thickest

July 14

The Beauty Queen of Jerusalem season 2
Bird Box Barcelona
Five Star Chef
Love Tactics 2
Too Hot to Handle season 5

July 15

Country Queen
Morphle 3D season 1
My Little Pony: Tell Your Tale season 1

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