Celebrity cast: Who stars in the Netflix K-Drama?

CelebrityPark Gyu-young as Seo Ari in CelebrityCr. Kim In Han/Netflix © 2023
CelebrityPark Gyu-young as Seo Ari in CelebrityCr. Kim In Han/Netflix © 2023 /

Netflix’s latest K-Drama sensation, Celebrity, takes viewers on a thrilling journey into the enigmatic realm of fame, where hidden depths and dangerous consequences await.

Within this captivating series, a talented ensemble cast breathes life into a world of online influencers, where the pursuit of perfection intersects with the shadows of secrets and insatiable ambition. If you’re eager to discover the faces behind the characters that make Celebrity truly shine, look no further—we have all the details on the remarkable cast that brings this enthralling drama to life.

Join us as we embark on a voyage into the captivating world of Celebrity and uncover the extraordinary talents of the stars who breathe life into these multifaceted characters.

Celebrity cast: Who stars in the Netflix K-Drama?

The cast of Netflix’s K-Drama, Celebrity, is a gathering of exceptional talent that brings depth, charisma, and authenticity to the captivating storyline.

Each actor shines in their respective roles, embodying the complexities of their characters and immersing viewers in the tumultuous world of online influencers. Now, let’s meet the talented individuals who make up the stellar cast:

  • Park Gyu-young, known for her roles in Sweet Home and It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, portrays Seo A-ri, a cosmetics salesperson who unexpectedly becomes an overnight influencer.
  • Kang Min-hyuk, recognized for his performances in The Princess and the Matchmaker and Hospital Ship, takes on the role of Han Jun-kyoung, the heir to Korea’s largest cosmetics company.
  • Lee Chung-ah, acclaimed for her work in VIP and Because This Is My First Life, plays Yoon Si-hyeon, a nonprofit leader who mingles with influencers.
  • Lee Dong-gun, seen in Kiss Sixth Sense and Queen for Seven Days, portrays Jin Tae-jeon, Si-hyeon’s husband and a partner in a prestigious law firm.
  • Jun Hyo-seong, also known as a member of the group Secret and for her appearance in Memorist, portrays Oh Min-hye, A-ri’s childhood friend.

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