31 best K-Dramas on Netflix to watch right now

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Best K-Dramas on Netflix

Are you looking for a K-Drama to watch and can’t seem to find anything that interest you? Well, you should check out our list of the best K-Dramas on Netflix!

Over the years, we’ve seen an influx of K-Dramas arriving on Netflix, and we appreciate every new release. Netflix has slowly but surely become the go-to place for all things Korean content. You can find a plethora of Korean content of different genres available to watch on the streamer.

2021 was the biggest year for Korean dramas with the release of instant hits Squid Game and Hellbound. The success of these shows put a major spotlight on Korean content, and many people have found themselves scrolling through Netflix’s K-Drama catalog to find more to watch. No worries! We shared our list of the best K-Dramas on Netflix to watch right now, starting with Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

Best K-Dramas on Netflix: Extraordinary Attorney Woo

Seasons: 1

Created by: Yoo In-sik and Moon Ji-won

Starring: Park Eun-bin, Kang Tae-oh, Kang Ki-young, Jeon Bae-soo, Baek Ji-won, Ha Yoon-kyung, Joo Jong-hyuk, Jin Kyung, Joo Hyun-young, and Im Sung-jae

Extraordinary Attorney Woo premiered on Netflix on June 29 and no one could’ve known it would be a smash hit with audiences everywhere. New episodes were released weekly on Wednesdays and Thursdays with a scheduled season finale on Aug. 18.

It’s a heartwarming show about an autistic attorney named Woo Young-woo who tackles challenging cases as a newbie at a top law firm while also struggling to navigate social interactions. The K-Drama was praised for its gripping storyline, well-written scripts, positive representation of autism, outstanding performances, and perfect casting.

The show truly gets better with each episode and will leave you wanting more by the end of the season. Overall, it’s very addictive and enjoyable to watch.

Fortunately, the show is in talks for an Extraordinary Attorney Woo season 2. On Aug. 17, one of the show’s production companies, AStory, spoke with South Korean media outlets about the possibility of a second season. The company said, “Thanks to the support of many people, we will produce Season 2 of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo. The goal is to air Season 2 in 2024.” However, there’s been no word from Netflix about a second season yet.

Still, I’d say the chances of an Extraordinary Attorney Woo season 2 are pretty high since it fared well on Netflix as well as the channel it broadcasts on in South Korea. We’ll keep you posted on any news about a potential second season.