Black Mirror season 6: Is Streamberry a real streaming service?

Black Mirror. Cr: Netflix.
Black Mirror. Cr: Netflix. /

A new season of Netflix’s satirical tech thriller anthology series Black Mirror has finally arrived. Black Mirror season 6 brings us five new episodes, including the Annie Murphy and Salma Hayek-led episode “Joan is Awful.” Murphy plays a seemingly ordinary woman who discovers that her life has been turned into a prestige drama on the streaming service known as Streamberry.

Streamberry is a fictional stand-in for Netflix in the Black Mirror universe. It gets a couple of mentions in the new season, as the second episode, “Loch Henry,” is about the creation of a documentary for the website.

But Streamberry is at the focal point of the Black Mirror season 6 opener, an episode that has attracted a lot of attention online. Of course, after watching the episode, many of us rushed to check our terms and conditions, and now Netflix is having fun with the concept in a real, meta twist.

Is Streamberry from Black Mirror season 6 a real website?

Technically, yes! Netflix created a real-life version of Streamberry as a creative marketing tool launched alongside the release of Black Mirror season 6. The website is called, and it allows users to upload their image (or snap a new one) and create their own “Joan is Awful” logo, complete with your name and photo.

Of course, you also have to check off two boxes to do it, one allowing Netflix to use your images for marketing purposes and another confirming you’ve read the terms and conditions—and yes, Netflix included some that you might want to read, lest you follow in Joan’s footsteps.

You can’t actually watch shows or anything on this version of Streamberry, so not it’s real in that sense, but it’s still a cool little gem to complement the latest season of Black Mirror.

All five episodes of Black Mirror season 6 are now streaming on Netflix.

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