Where is Black Mirror season 6 episode 2 (‘Loch Henry’) filmed?

Myhala Herrold and Samuel Blenkin in Black Mirror season 6. Image courtesy Netflix
Myhala Herrold and Samuel Blenkin in Black Mirror season 6. Image courtesy Netflix /

A new season of Black Mirror finally came to Netflix in June 2023 after a lengthy three-year hiatus. Among the five latest episodes is the standout “Loch Henry,” an installment that criticizes the true crime wave and its nasty habit of exploiting victims and their families for entertainment.

“Loch Henry” stars Industry alum Myha’la Herrold and The Witcher: Blood Origin‘s Samuel Blenkin as two friends preparing to make a nature documentary in a small, sleepy village where one of them grew up. Like most Black Mirror episodes, things eventually take a very dark turn, and their documentary evolves into something neither could have prepared for.

Filmed in a picturesque location, fans might be curious to learn more about Loch Henry. Is it a real place? Did they film in Scotland? Here’s what we know.

Is Loch Henry from Black Mirror a real place?

Loch Henry is a fictional location in Scotland. The word “loch” is the Scottish word for a lake, and perhaps one of the most famous in Scotland is Loch Ness, a large body of freshwater known for legends revolving around the mythic cryptid, the Loch Ness Monster.

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Black Mirror: Loch Henry filming locations

Even though Loch Henry isn’t a real place, Black Mirror production was able to film in Scotland, so the setting looks like it could certainly be a real town. You can visit the places where this episode was shot.

According to National World, this episode was filmed in the western Scottish Highlands, specifically in Inveraray and the unitary council area Argyll and Bute. A little town nearby called Loch Fyne appears to be very similar to the small village of Loch Henry. The outlet reports that filming took place in September 2022.

Furthermore, the local pub visited by the characters is The Village Inn in Arrochar, approximately 20 miles from Inveraray. The inn is a cozy and understated hotel overlooking one of the lochs in the village.

Other productions have been filmed in the same area, including Downton Abbey and Netflix’s own A Castle for Christmas.

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