Fake Profile season 2: Will there be another season on Netflix?

Perfil Falso S1 (L to R) Carolina Miranda,Manuela González in Perfil Falso S1. Cr. Renata Bolívar / Netflix © 2023 .
Perfil Falso S1 (L to R) Carolina Miranda,Manuela González in Perfil Falso S1. Cr. Renata Bolívar / Netflix © 2023 . /

Fake Profile was released on Netflix on May 31, and it’s already scored a spot on the top 10 TV show list on Netflix. As of June 1, the romantic thriller is ranked at the No. 4 spot, so tons of people are streaming the new series. If you’ve already watched the entire first season, you might be wondering if there will be a Fake Profile season 2. No worries. We shared everything we know about a potential second season right below.

Fake Profile is a Colombian Netflix original series created by Pablo Illanes. It follows a cabaret dancer named Camila, who, after spending a few months with seemingly the man of her dreams, discovers that he isn’t who he says he is. Determined to expose his lies and uncover the truth, Camila finds herself falling into a tangled web of lies and placed in dangerous situations.

Carolina Miranda stars in the leading role as Camila, while Rodolfo Salas portrays the mystery man Camila meets and falls for on a dating app. The rest of the cast includes Lincoln Palomeque, Manuela González, Víctor Mallarino, Mauricio Hénao, Julián Cerati, Juliana Galvis, and others.

Is Fake Profile season 2 happening?

Yes! On June 13, 2023, Netflix revealed that the romantic thriller had been renewed for a second season.

As of June 1, Netflix has not renewed the romantic thriller for a second season. This shouldn’t be surprising to anybody because the first season just dropped on May 31. Netflix doesn’t usually renew its new shows so soon after their first seasons are released. Instead, the streaming giant waits to see how many people watch a new show in a certain time frame. That time frame usually being a month.

Netflix typically looks at how many people watch a show in its first month on the platform to help come to a decision on whether to renew or cancel. If Fake Profile season 1 manages to acquire high viewing numbers within its first month on the platform, Netflix might just give the go-ahead for a Fake Profile season 2. It’s also important that we mention how important completion rates are. The entire 10-episode first season must be watched in order for it to count.

The first season closes in a way where the story could end there, or the story could be continued in a second season. So we don’t have to worry about that being an issue. It’s not labeled as a limited series, either. So Fake Profile season 2 could actually happen if enough people tune in and stream the first season.

It’ll most likely take some time before Netflix decides what it wants to do with the new series. We could be looking at a month or so wait before we hear back from the streaming giant.

We’ll keep you updated on Fake Profile‘s renewal status, so stay tuned to Netflix Life!

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